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If you’re not crazy there’s something wrong with you. Willie Nelson

— Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson's the one who told me the reason it costs so much to get divorced is because it's worth it.

I wanna live like Arnold, Willis and Mr.

Drummond... And keep my paper sturdy, big birds and tight herbs.

I got Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie and he also plays now with Hank Williams Jr.

Michael Jackson plays the wounded puppy very well.

'I must be the loneliest man in the world'. Well, you're not a man. And the loneliness is self inflicted, so sod off you pathetic puerile pimp. I wonder what color his willy is.

Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns, As I crush so-called Willies, thugs, and rapper-dons.

The nearest I have ever seen to the great Willie Pep

My mother, Southern to the bone, once told me, “All Southern literature can be summed up in these words: ‘On the night the hogs ate Willie, Mama died when she heard what Daddy did to Sister.’” She raised me up to be a Southern writer, but it wasn’t easy.

Yo, I'm the illest. Plus I know more different strokes than Arnold and Willis.

My problem is that whenever I shoot, I do it Bruce Willis "Die Hard" style - in a very cinematic fashion.

Do something bad a thousand times and it's no big deal. Everyone just goes, "Willie f - up again."

To be good you've gotta have a lot of little boy in you.

When you see Willie Mays and Ted Williams jumping and hopping around the bases after hitting a home run, and the kissing and hugging that goes on at home plate, you realize they have to be little boys.

Now, I know you expected me to say that, well, I just kick back in the rocking chair, fished a little bit, listened to Willie Nelson tapes and watched old baseball games on the Classic Sports network. And, tell you the truth, I have done that for maybe about five total minutes.

Think of the question of mass incarceration.

Think of the coding that the Republican Party has used for years, whether they're talking about Obama or blacks or Willie Horton.

Into this universe, and why not knowing Nor whence, like water willy-nilly flowing; And out of it, as wind along the wate, I know not whither, willy-nilly blowing.

My skin prickled and I looked back at the ocean.

None of us ask for the things we inherit; they are thrust upon us, willy-nilly. Like The Marine, I suddenly understood. Mom and I weren't trespassing. This house was ours. This view was ours. And that seemed as absurd and unreal as the stories Sailor Hat had spun for me on the ferry.

Somehow you can tell the difference when a song is written just to get on the radio and when what someone does is their whole life. That comes through in Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson. There is no separating their life from their music.

Most people named Willie are either in prison or on the armwrestling circuit.

Do you recognise me?" he asked. Willie looked hard and considered before finally replying "Lie down so I can recognise you.

Thus the skilful general conducts his army just as though he were leading a single man, willy-nilly, by the hand.

It wasn't just Willie and Waylon, there were a lot of influences there.

The coolest thing about this, is after getting to listen back to all these mixes is realizing that this record is like a bag of Skittles; every time you pull something out, it's a different flavor. But they're all Skittles. They're all Cody Johnson.

The Michigan Republican primary apparently is tighter than Willie Nelson's headband.

When I was growing up, Nashville was the place to go if you had songs to sell and thought you had talent and wanted to tour and be on Grand Ole Opry [radio show]. It was the big deal back in those days to play the Grand Ole Opry. And you could travel around the world saying, "Hi, I'm Willie from the Grand Ole Opry".

I can't believe that Babe Ruth was a better player than Willie Mays.

(Babe) Ruth is to baseball what Arnold Palmer is to golf. He got the game moving. But I can't believe he could run as well as (Willie) Mays, and I can't believe he was any better an outfielder.

Oh, I would while away the hours, Wanking in the flowers, my heart all full of song, I'd be gliding all the lilies as I waved about my willie, If I only had a schlong.

There were real reasons that you were attracted to somebody originally.

The brain doesn't pick willy-nilly. Unless you part ways hating each other for some reason, that mechanism could get triggered again. You can literally fall in love again.

One thing is that I wasn't getting booked that well, and they had control over who got the awards, they had control over who sold. And they really did not want Willie or me, either one, to “have a hit record. They wanted the money, but they didn't want us to be the ones.

In fact, [Gene Wilder] had made a hysteric seem considerably less funny in his film debut as a terrified undertaker in "Bonnie And Clyde." And neurotics soon became his stock-in-trade, whether he was playing the weird title character in "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory..."

I believe that Willy Nelson is the hillbilly Dalai Lama.

Children recognize me from Free Willy (1993), and their parents recognize me from Reservoir Dogs (1992). The kids are, like, "There's Glen!" and the parents are, like, "Don't go near that guy!"

If you want to know who was better, me or Willie Mays, you have to look at our career stats. And Willie's bottom line was better.

They invented the All-Star game for Willie Mays.

Having Willie Stargell on your ball club is like having a diamond ring on your finger.

I'd just gotten into Los Angeles from Texas, where I live, and the phone rang and it was the guy calling about the Willie Nelson video. I was totally excited about it.

The worst thing you want is a willy-nilly judge who is swayed by the political whims of the era or the time. What you want is a judge who is thinking about what he or she is doing and is thinking about it in a principled way.

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