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I'm getting old! My back hurts, I got asthma, I just been listening to Amy Winehouse, trying not to cry. Life's crazy.

— Vince Staples

Seductive Winehouse quotations

When I was a little kid it was my dream to go to drama school, but it was never something I thought would happen to me. I was a Jewish girl from North London and things like that don't happen to Jewish girls from North London called Amy Winehouse.

I don't look like I've been on a week long crack binge with Amy Winehouse.

It's a diabolical business. I can't imagine how hellish it must be to be hounded like Amy Winehouse and people like that. I have a little peripheral place on the outskirts of celebrity, when I go to premieres and that sort of stuff, which is as close as I want to get.

I will always have a very deep love for Amy Winehouse.

Beyoncé and pathos are strangers. Amy Winehouse and pathos are flatmates, and you should see the kitchen.

I believe in Amy Winehouse. I know she’s not with us anymore but I believe she was who she was and in that way she got it right. I would say an actress like Lauren Bacall also got it right. She never let anyone persuade her to be something she wasn't. She was strong. She always looked like she knew what she was doing.

RIP Amy Winehouse. We lost a true heroin addict today.

My God! So sad to hear about Amy Winehouse! My deepest condolences to her friends and family and fans. You will be missed Amy xoxox

People who take risks like Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones take a second to catch on, but eventually they do because they're different and honest in a musical landscape that's not always like that.

Amy Winehouse was not a person I ever met, and I can't say that I am overly conversant in all of her music. I do have her albums, and years ago, when I first heard her sing, I thought she was extraordinary. The tone of her voice, her phrasing, her raw appearance - these qualities were extremely captivating to me.

I've been an Amy Winehouse fan since her first album, 'Frank.

' I always listen to her music when there's a lot going on and I want to be a bit grounded. It's like my musical warm fuzzy blanket.

Basically, there's a good friend of mine who works at EMI Publishing, a publishing company. He had asked me - he was like, you know, do you know this girl, Amy Winehouse? She's in New York for a day. She's kind of meeting people to maybe work with on her second album.

You know, that was the first time [with Any Winehouse] that I probably ever used a baritone sax. And it's certainly the texture that, you know - it's all over the record 'cause it's a nice compliment to her tone.

So when I was working with Amy Winehouse on "Back To Black," you know, she had all these beautiful songs, incredibly well-written and just her on an acoustic, nylon-string guitar. And she'd play them for me, and then I would kind of drum up my idea of what I thought - make a demo with what I thought the drums should be doing, the guitars - like, quite a crude demo.

Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller are examples of poets, I think.

Amy Winehouse's mother wrote an open letter to the News of the World newspaper telling Amy she's worried about her and to please call her. I doubt this is the best way to communicate with Amy - she should try spelling it out in lines of cocaine.

Tip to all British tabloids: Do Not Hack Amy Winehouse's Phone.

I repeat: Do Not Hack Amy Winehouse's Phone.

I'm so sad to hear the horrible news of Amy Winehouse's death.

I'm so happy I knew you Amy...Rest Well. Gone Too Soon...we'll miss you!!

It's more likely I'll dye my hair green, get a bunch of tattoos and go on tour with Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse: Did she invent white soul? Wearing a beehive? No.

But she did something brand new and fresh, altogether as a package, and you see who's in her wake, from the Duffys to the Lana Del Reys. Adele selling 20 million records? That would not have happened if Amy Winehouse was alive.

I don't talk about Amy Winehouse as a 'singer.

' She's a pioneer. I listened to her endlessly when I started writing.

Amy Winehouse - her surname's beginning to sound like a description of her liver.

No one could reach Amy Winehouse before it was too late.

Can anyone reach Washington before it's too late? Both addicted - same fate?

I want to collaborate with Amy [Winehouse] because she's really hot and cool right now. I know one song Rehab was very popular particularly because a lot of young people are in rehab as well. In fact I'm thinking about going. It looks like loads of fun and I know my career will benefit from it.

I'm like a fatter version of Amy Winehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen.

Amy [Winehouse] changed pop music forever, I remember knowing there was hope, and feeling not alone because of her. She lived jazz, she lived the blues.

I didn't know Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse, but I was affected by both of their deaths because I admired their work so much and mourned their youth and work they would never produce.

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