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Return to a simpler life, and you will see that behind the expensive cars, the fashionable clothes, the empty celebrities, the fancy houses and the thick layers of make-up life has real meaning. Behind all the lies there is a deep well of wisdom that we can all drink from, and grow wiser, healthier and happier.

— Varg Vikernes

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Wiser quote To admit you were wrong is to declare you are wiser now than before.

To admit you were wrong is to declare you are wiser now than before.

The best leaders are clear. They continually light the way, and in the process, let each person know that what they do makes a difference. The best test as a leader is: Do those served grow as persons; do they become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become leaders?

I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can.

I will take love wherever I find it and offer it to everyone who will take it. . . seek knowledge from those wiser and teach those who wish to learn from me.

Wiser quote Maturity isn't a product of growing older. It's a product of growing wiser.

Maturity isn't a product of growing older. It's a product of growing wiser.

Struggles make you stronger and the changes make you wiser and happiness has its own way of taking its sweet time. Life isn't always lovely, but it's a beautiful ride.

I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.

Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.

Wiser quote Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreaks make you wiser,

Pain makes you stronger, tears make you braver, and heartbreaks make you wiser, so thank the past for better future.


It's said that a wise person learns from his mistakes.

A wiser one learns from others' mistakes. But the wisest person of all learns from others's successes.

All of us would be wiser if we would resolve never to put people down, except on our prayer lists.

If we grow wiser and more learned in our intercourse with wise and learned persons, how much more will we gain in our inner life by communing with God in prayer.

Wiser quote It's wiser to forgive than to hate.

It's wiser to forgive than to hate.


It is safer and wiser to cure unhealthy rivalry than to suppress it.

We become wiser by adversity; prosperity destroys our appreciation of the right.

One cannot escape the feeling that these mathematical formulas have an independent existence and an intelligence of their own, that they are wiser than we are, wiser even than their discoverers.

Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.

An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men.

Life is so much wiser and kinder than your mind imagines. Trust & Be Still.

The wiser a man is, the less talkative will he be.

Beware of the man who works hard to learn something, learns it, and finds himself no wiser than before.

Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more.

Well I am certainly wiser than this man.

It is only too likely that neither of us has any knowledge to boast of; but he thinks that he knows something which he does not know, whereas I am quite conscious of my ignorance. At any rate it seems that I am wiser than he is to this small extent, that I do not think that I know what I do not know.

You must not quote to me what I once said. I am wiser now.

You should never be ashamed to admit you have been wrong.

It only proves you are wiser today than yesterday

And I hope that five years and 10 years from now, I'll be a better man, a more mature man, a wiser man, a more humble man and a more spirited man to serve the good of my people and the good of humanity.

You know, the man of my dreams might walk round the corner tomorrow.

I'm older and wiser and I think I'd make a great girlfriend. I live in the realm of romantic possibility.

Life's a game made for everyone and love is the prize.

So wake me up when it's all over - when I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost.

Once we see that everything is impermanent and ungraspable and that we create a huge amount of suffering if we are attached to things staying the same, we realize that relaxing and letting go is a wiser way to live. Letting go does not mean not caring about things. It means caring about them in a flexible and wise way.

Nor is it wiser to weep a true occasion lost, but trim our sails, and let old bygones be.

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As for the pyramids, there is nothing to wonder at in them so much as the fact that so many men could be found degraded enough to spend their lives constructing a tomb for some ambitious booby, whom it would have been wiser and manlier to have drowned in the Nile, and then given his body to the dogs.

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth.

Whenever you argue with another wiser than yourself in order that others may admire your wisdom, they will discover your ignorance.

Innocence always calls mutely for protection when we would be so much wiser to guard ourselves against it: innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm.

Society must be made to operate in such a way that it eradicates once and for all the desire of a man to become richer, or wiser, or more powerful than others.

Whenever you argue with another wiser than yourself in order that others may admire your wisdom, they will discover your ignorance.

We believe faith and freedom must be our guiding stars, for they show us truth, they make us brave, give us hope, and leave us wiser than we were.

O Divine Providence, I ask not for more riches but more wisdom with which to make wiser use of the riches you gave me at birth, consisting in the power to control and direct my own mind to whatever ends I might desire.

Chess makes man wiser and clear-sighted.

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