quote by Shannon Miller

If you want to take it up a step and aim to become a competitive gymnast, you have to be mentally strong and prepared to take on the workload of going to the gym every day, rain or shine.

— Shannon Miller

Dreamy Workload quotations

I thank God that my body has been able to handle this kind of workload.

I don't know if I will ever be like Lorenzo White, but that's the goal I'm trying to get to.

. .women are house as well as factory slaves and are forced to bear a double workload.

The workload is so heavy you forget about thinking, it just kind of happens.

It's really hard, when you have a heavy workload, because it just really pulls you out of your life. It's nice to have some balance. I get to work and enjoy that part of me, but then I have time to have a life and be with my kids.

Heading the show very thrilling personally, and an incredibly rare opportunity for growth on many levels in terms of workload and just pure skill. It's been fantastic.

Flying solo, you have a fair workload.

I'm not only flying the balloon but doing the navigation, communications, repairing the burners, taking care of the equipment.

Since the start of the Ashes I have had a hectic workload.

I've played almost every game, but I'm thinking that after South Africa and the Bangladesh series I can clock off for two or three months. It's like Friday afternoon for a guy who goes to work all week.

A major league pitching coach is a really difficult job.

It takes a big commitment in terms of time, travel and workload.

A feature film is an expansion of budget, stress, story, hours, time, workload, everything.

It's a lot easier when you can share the workload to be honest.

Especially if you really, really, trust in each other.

here's a huge amount of work that goes into placating a network in regular television. It's literally 70% or 80% of your workload, is showing them the material, getting their notes and presenting it to them and making sure they weigh in. It's a huge amount of work.

It seems that these phenomenal feats that race car drivers are performing are instinctive. They [require] very little mental workload.

I think I rushed and I needed more time with my comeback.

I needed more time to get my legs stronger to be able to handle the workload. You can only train for that by pitching innings. You can't simulate pitching off a mound in a game inside a weight room.

Now I understand what exhaustion is. It’s not just a code word for heroin addiction. People don’t teach you how to handle the workload that comes from a little bit of success, and it’s something I’d never had to handle, because I’d been rejected for so long.

I remember what it was like to be doing 'Lost' and how creatively immersive it was. I just couldn't really engage on anything else, other than 'Lost;' I was just thinking about it all the time, and then there was just the pure workload, the 70- or 80-hour weeks.

I don't have to go back to Australia until next year to finish shooting [the "Matrix" sequels]. It actually works out great, because I have the time needed to support the album and tour. ... It's kind of hard juggling both of them, because it's double the workload. But the way I look at is I just let it work itself out, let it flow. If I don't think about it, it won't drive me crazy.