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Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.

— Stephenie Meyer

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I will never do another TV series. It couldn't top I Love Lucy, and I'd be foolish to try. In this business, you have to know when to get off.

You tv series quote Great things are done by a series of small things, brought together.
Great things are done by a series of small things, brought together.

And people are always saying: 'Well, you go to Hollywood and you get yourself a film career or a TV series, and then you can do anything you want. Because then you've got the clout.' That had always sounded like a lot of hooey to me, but now I think it's true, unfortunately.

You tv series quote Rich people have big libraries, poor people have big TV's.
Rich people have big libraries, poor people have big TV's.
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I've kind of gone from TV series to TV series or project to project, and I've wanted to get back in a rehearsal room. I feel like there's that exploration process, in a way, that you get in phases on jobs but I do wish I had that time [at school].

Every action project you take, whether it be a movie or TV series, is always different and a lot of people don't really know how big a difference it is. It's a different style of fighting, a different tempo and all of that.

In order to have a TV series, you have to have a good idea for the story.

You tv series quote Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought to
Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

These days, you can do a TV series for five years and all of a sudden be on top of the business. Features don't even run in theaters very long anymore before going right to television.

One of the advantages of series TV is that you can change your mind and plan things as you go.

And your typical TV series, you've got your police station, your apartment, the hospital, the starship, or whatever it is, and you're constantly going back to those sets and shooting, which saves you a lot of money and time. You can do that faster because you become really familiar with it and you become really good at it.

You tv series quote Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought to
Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

If you find a TV series that you like, you like the tone of the TV series or the movie.

A long-running TV series is a beast in that it demands you stick to one character over a long haul.

After winning the Oscar, I was committed to do 'Fried Green Tomatoes,' but I didn't know what the next thing would be after that. It was a scary time. But the advantage of TV is the regular work. All you need is a hit series, I guess.

You tv series quote Great things are done by a series of small things brought together
Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

I tried to write a TV series, and then I discovered first of all that I love writing more than anything on this earth, and that you could write exactly as well as you want to.

I've got quite a big gay following. I played a lesbian prostitute in the TV series 'Band Of Gold' but I think my following really grew when I played one in the film 'Imagine Me & You,' with Piper Perabo.

It's that TV thing. You can be in the biggest film of the year and it will still not have the kind of impact a TV series has. Once you're in people's living rooms, that's it. There's no hiding place.

Well, TV series tie you up. You can't do films while you're doing a TV series.

At the major studios, you see people wanting to remake a TV series, wanting to make a sequel.

I've been fascinated with gargoyles since I was a kid.

I took a high school trip to Europe, the 8 countries in 5 weeks kind of trip. Even then I collected postcards of gargoyles. Then I sort of forgot about it. You flash-forward a few years and I'm at Disney, we're looking for an idea to base a show on. I was running series development at the time at Disney TV Animation. And we came up with the Gargoyles comedy series. Which didn't sell!

If you think about TV series, we make 16 one-hour movies a season.

You don't get any opportunity like that in movies. I mean, I can't say I'll be able to do 16 movies in the next year, and so that's how I see it.

In order to put it into perspective, as an actor, it's super hard to get on a TV show. If you get on one, it's super hard for that show to be reasonably successful. All of that, on paper, seems pretty special. It's the sum of the parts, really. To roll the dice and come up with this particular show is pretty fortunate. I'm very happy about Silicon Valley series. It's changed everything for me.

It's going to sound like the easy answer, but I love them both.

I do! I really don't prefer one over the other. With movies, you really dive into a character for two to three months, but then it's gone. With a TV series, you have a constant location you're living in, and you're always working on the same character along with people who are like your own family. I'm lucky to have done both.

I'm probably always guilty for rooting for a long series.

Not either side - I don't really care who wins the game, but it makes for more compelling TV the more games you go deeper into a series.

And so as a director, as a leader, and myself as a director and a leader, I kind of try to make sure that we hold onto the vision and kind of corral it, but by the time you finish whatever the project is, a TV show, a series, a movie, a stage show, it should be a product of what all those people can do, and therefore, it can never be what you imagined it would be in the beginning.

I really love watching the 70s live performance TV series "The Midnight Special" and "The Old Grey Whistle Test". Those are the best performances you've ever seen, and they sound incredible.

I'm not looking for a series. I love TV. I love developing characters over a long amount of time. I think for an actor it gives you so much material and every season it gives more background and interest and richness. So I would definitely do another series. I'm just waiting for the right thing to come along.

My most recent project has been acting and dancing on VH1's TV series Hit the Floor. On the show, we perform at least one dance number an episode. They are all different themes and different dance styles and keep us literally on our toes. The show is exuberant, exciting, and full of scandal. Tune in and I know you'll get addicted.

After we did [All In The Family], that ended up being a real love fest all around. Me and Norman, Norman [Lear] and me, Rob Reiner, everybody liked everybody. So about six or seven months later I moved out to L.A. and I got a call that Norman wanted to see me. I came in and he said "ABC has given me a property that they just optioned to make into a TV series. It's from a play called Hot L Baltimore, and I want you to be in it."

You know, you never say never because before I did 'ER,' I always said 'I'll never do a TV series,' so that's what I said.

When you're working on a television show with actors, what you hope you're doing is playing jazz with them all the time. You see what they're giving you, so you try to write back to that, and then they play with that, and you get a sense of what is going on. That's just a natural way in which TV series usually work.

The phone rings and there's another Broadway show or another TV series or a movie. That's the gamble you take.

There are tons of different reasons why you do TV series and why you don't, and how it'll affect your career, and all that. Without a doubt, it has always come down to the script for me. I'm an actor who wants to do great parts, and I've been very fortunate, for a long time, to get meaty roles.

So many movies are so formulaic because you've got to get it done in an hour and a half. On a TV series, that's where the really interesting stuff can happen.

The comic book, and I've said it before, is a treasure trove.

It's a grab bag. We certainly have characters and story lines that we really want to do - but to get there in a TV series, you have to take your time. Sometimes you can't get right to it. They're two different mediums. So we make it our own and really own the material. I like to think of it as an alternate universe.

I stand here not because I have fame or money or because I play on TV or hit a World Series home run. That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because I stand here as a humble person because I know He could have picked someone else. In His Word he says, 'the least of us shall be first.' When I look up, I realize I am blessed and I say thank you Jesus for all you have done for me because without you I would be nothing.

TV series, there's a lot of everybody talking to you and giving you input for the first couple episodes, and then they're on such a crazy schedule that you get another episode on a Monday, you have to have it done by Friday and it becomes very solitary work usually, TV shows.