You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality;

man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.

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Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality.

If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.

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Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.

The Utopias of one age have been the realities of the next.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

The permanent temptation of life is to confuse dreams with reality.

The permanent defeat of life comes when dreams are surrendered to reality.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.

You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.

Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss.

Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.

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No artist tolerates reality.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.

Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.

You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

A spiritual person is also in touch with his or her own reality, feelings and thoughts, and the reality of the people around him or her, not projecting on them.

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Dream... but don't sleep.

You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality.

Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.

Pleasure may come from illusion, but happiness can come only of reality.

The pessimist complains about the wind;

The optimist expects it to change;And the realist adjusts the sails.

Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics;

it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.

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We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

Repetition is the reality and the seriousness of life.

Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.

The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

Perception is reality.

Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.

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Don't let someone elses opinion of you become your reality.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.

Art must take reality by surprise.

Leadership is the wise use of power. Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality and sustain it.

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality.

The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.

Someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality.

Women's propensity to share confidences is universal. We confirm our reality by sharing.

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All human unhappiness comes from not facing reality squarely, exactly as it is.

We think that we suffer from ingratitude, while in reality we suffer from self-love.

Sometimes legends make reality, and become more useful than the facts.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.

People say they love truth, but in reality they want to believe that which they love is true.

Whatever happens in the world is real, what one thinks should have happened is projection. We suffer more from our fictitious illusion and expectations of reality.

I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

I believe that sometimes you have to look reality in the eye and deny it.

Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality.

Reality is something you rise above.