Reform is not pleasant, but grievous;

no person can reform themselves without suffering and hard work, how much less a nation.

Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.

Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fool reform, and mortal men lay hold on heaven.

By continually scolding someone, they in time become accustomed to it and despise your reproof.

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To free a person from error is to give, and not to take away.

Remorse begets reform.

Reform image quote by Mark Twain

Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.

The heart of every man lies open to the shafts of correction if the archer can take proper aim.

Think not those faithful who praise all thy words and actions, but those who kindly reprove thy faults.

You do not reform a world by ignoring it.

You cannot fight against the future. Time is on our side.

I think I am better than the people who are trying to reform me.

Some who will not speak against another, in the end does them harm.

Rebuke should have a grain more of salt than of sugar.

Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the truth's sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won.

I think that I am better than the people who are trying to reform me.

Rebuke with soft words and hard arguments.

Why, Sir, most schemes of political improvement are very laughable things.

We reform others unconsciously when we walk uprightly.

The most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it begins to reform.

Every abuse ought to be reformed, unless the reform is more dangerous than the abuse itself.

Any change or reform you make is going to have consequence you don't like.

No advance in wealth, no softening of manners, no reform or revolution has ever brought human equality a millimeter nearer.

Go to the ant, thou sluggard, learn to live, and by her busy ways, reform thy own.

A party of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, are both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life.

Private reproof is the best grave for private faults.

Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, which will itself need reforming.

Experience has two things to teach. The first is that we must correct a great deal and the second, that we must not correct too much.

Of all follies there is none greater than wanting to make the world a better place.

With children use force with men reason;

such is the natural order of things. The wise man requires no law.

What you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself.

A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power.

Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.

The best reformers the world has ever seen are those who commence on themselves.

Change is not reform, any more than noise is music.

It is a dangerous thing to reform anyone.

A reformer is one who sets forth cheerfully toward sure defeat.

People who have reformed themselves has contributed their full share towards the reformation of their neighbor.

If it was not absolutely necessary, it was the foolishest thing ever done.

A reformer knows neither how to do nor to undo.

Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery.

At twenty a man is full of fight and hope.

He wants to reform the world. When he is seventy he still wants to reform the world, but he know he can't.

The beginning of reform is not so much to equalize property as to train the noble sort of natures not to desire more, and to prevent the lower from getting more.

People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this, -- that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.

Every reform was once a private opinion, and when it shall be a private opinion again, it will solve the problem of the age.

Turn where we may, within, around, the voice of great events is proclaiming to us, Reform, that you may preserve!

When a child can be brought to tears, and not from fear of punishment, but from repentance he needs no chastisement. When the tears begin to flow from the grief of their conduct you can be sure there is an angel nestling in their heart.

Find fault when you must find fault in private, and if possible sometime after the offense, rather than at the time.

A reformer is a guy who rides through the sewer in a glass bottom boat.

Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found.

If you say, I'm for equal pay, that's a reform.

But if you say. I'm a feminist, that's a transformation of society.