Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors. John P. Weiss about persistence in life.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.' Muhammad Ali on potential

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations – we fall to the level of our training.

Life's like working out: there's no pain in the comfort zone, but is that really where you want to live?

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I'm like a duck: calm above the water, and paddling like hell underneath.

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.

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Education is not the learning of facts, it's rather the training of the mind to think.

Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.

Train everyone lavishly, you can't overspend on training.

In general, any form of exercise, if pursued continuously, will help train us in perseverance. Long-distance running is particularly good training in perseverance.

The training of children is a profession, where we must know how to waste time in order to save it

Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing, but cabbage with a college education.

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No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

Bodybuilding is much like any other sport.

To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.

The most important part of education is proper training in the nursery.

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tone the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.

Few men are born brave. Many become so through training and force of discipline.

Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.

Teaching isn't one-tenth as effective as training.

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Keep practicing. Never let someone tell you you're too small or too slow.

The sum and substance of female education in America, as in England, is training women to consider marriage as the sole object in life, and to pretend that they do not think so.

The more I train the more I realize I have more speed in me.

The best training any parent can give a child is to train the child to train himself.

The truth is that most busy people cannot sustain a seven-day-a-week training schedule. There are too many other stresses and responsibilities in their lives.

Nothing good comes in life or athletics unless a lot of hard work has preceded the effort. Only temporary success is achieved by taking short cuts.

Adversity has the same effect on a man that severe training has on the pugilist: it reduces him to his fighting weight.

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Train your mind to see the good in every situation


It worries me that young singers think you can shortcut the training and go straight to fame and fortune, and programmes like Pop Idol have encouraged that.

All of those art-based fields are similar in that they're all hard to make a living in and they all require an intense amount of training and discipline.

I must say that acting was good training for the political life that lay ahead of us.

Enter on the way of training while the spirits in youth are still pliable.

The child who has been taught to make an accurate elevation, plan, and section of a pint pot has had an admirable training in accuracy of eye and hand.

Priests are not men of the world; it is not intended that they should be; and a University training is the one best adapted to prevent their becoming so.

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Everyday has 1440 minutes. Be active for 30!


You can work really hard, but if you're not training in the right way you're not going to improve and get to the level that you want to.

When a man goes through six years training to be a doctor he will never be the same. He knows too much.

One doesn't become a soldier in a week - it takes training, study and discipline. There is no question that the finest Army in the world is found in the United States.

My biggest weakness as a endurance athlete has been in not drinking enough water after training, thereby racing sometimes while dehydrated.

Beginning with exercise, the best training program available for real results is circuit training.

Adversity has the same effect on a man that severe training has on the pugilist -- it reduces him to his fighting weight.

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A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.

The family unit plays a critical role in our society and in the training of the generation to come.

Somewhere in the world someone is training when you are not. When you race him, he will win.

People say I'm around because I have a lot of heart, but I know all the heart in the world couldn't have helped me if I wasn't physically fit.

I swam my brains out.

When preparing for a concert, I do lots of training.

I work with a choreographer to create great moves and then I have to keep my voice strong with lessons.

I have a lot of endurance and I have a good background right now in my training and it's time to get ready.

I've enjoyed training again, I've enjoyed pushing myself in the pool and I'll keep on swimming until I feel I cannot get any more out of myself.

For me a day without training is like a day without eating.

You have got to believe in yourself every time you go out there and race.

If you have no faith in your ability all that training has been a waste of time.

It turns out that the 'Cry It Out' method of baby sleep training, where you ignore that your kid is screaming, crying and turning 40 shades of purple so that she can break herself out of the habit of being spoiled and cuddled to sleep, does more harm - way more - than good.

I'd be the best mum ever. I would. I've got great training from my mum.

It was my fortune, or misfortune, to be called to the office of Chief Executive without any previous political training.

People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.

A lifetime of training for just ten seconds.