Change your thoughts and you change your world.

Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.

Champions are made of something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action with without vision is a nightmare.

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Vision without execution is just hallucination.

The vision must be followed by the venture.

It is not enough to stare up the steps — we must step up the stairs.

Vision image quote by Roy Bennett

Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

A different language is a different vision of life.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart - this you will build your life by, and this you will become.

Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become.

Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.

Vision image quote by Oprah Winfrey

Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.

A snob is anybody who takes a small part of you and uses that to come to a complete vision of who you are.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Where there is no vision, there is no hope.

When I think of vision, I have in mind the ability to see above and beyond the majority.

Your time on this earth is limited, don’t live someone else's life, live by your vision.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.

Vision image quote by Friedrich Nietzsche

No artist tolerates reality.

The eyes of the soul of the multitudes are unable to endure the vision of the divine.

Leaders must invoke an alchemy of great vision.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

By confronting us with irreducible mysteries that stretch our daily vision to include infinity, nature opens an inviting and guiding path toward a spiritual life.

Love may be blind but jealousy has 20-20 vision.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Vision image quote by Jesse Lyn Stoner

When your vision is clear have faith and trust yourself even when you don't know where your path is taking you.

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.

Vision looks inwards and becomes duty.

Vision looks outwards and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upwards and becomes faith.

The only limits are, as always, those of vision.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Faith is the vision of the heart; it sees God in the dark as well as in the day.

Vision image quote by Henry David Thoreau

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

Doubt obscures the true vision of the heart.

They consider me to have sharp and penetrating vision because I see them through the mesh of a sieve.

The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency --the belief that the here and now is all there is.

As selfishness and complaint pervert and cloud the mind, so love with its joy clears and sharpens the vision.

Your neighbor's vision is as true for him as your own vision is true for you.

It's a failure of national vision when you regard children as weapons, and talents as materials you can mine, assay, and fabricate for profit and defense.

Vision image quote by Rick Warren

Vision is the ability to see potential in what other overlook.

It takes vision and courage to create -- it takes faith and courage to prove.

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.

The best vision is insight.

It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision.

Although gold dust is precious, when it gets in your eyes it obstructs your vision.

I never needed eyes to see - never. I simply needed vision and belief.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.

Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps, down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.

Every age needs men who will redeem the time by living with a vision of the things that are to be.

I would give all the wealth of the world, and all the deeds of all the heroes, for one true vision.

An illness is like a journey into a far country;

it sifts all one's experience and removes it to a point so remote that it appears like a vision.

Jazz vision is a wordless conversation between musical notes and visual expressions.

Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world.

Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision.