The only way to get under me is to get over yourself.

It's not what I do, but the way I do it. It's not what I say, but the way I say it.

Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities. Everybody struggles in different ways.

There are many ways to manifest, but the most effective and joyous creators all create in the space of love.

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Let go of the old ways of fear and control.

There are two ways to aquire the niceties of life:1) To produce them or2) To plunder them.When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

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A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.

Even if you're not going anywhere, don't get in the way.

I mean, I really don't want the federal government to be determining whether or not a person who feels certain ways about the environment or about animals or about certain religious issues should be considered an extremist. That to me is a type of thought control, mind control, which is very dangerous.

I don't like the way I ever appear on TV.

And that's the way it is.

The way to do well is to do well.

Never in the way, and never out of the way.

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I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.

There's always pressure, from other people and yourself.

If you're happy with the looks you're born with, then what are you going to do your whole life? We keep thinking up new things and finding better ways of doing things because we're not happy with what we're given.

There's no way I could look like this without them.

Americans have different ways of saying things.

They say 'elevator', we say 'lift'... they say 'President', we say 'stupid psychopathic git.

I decry the current tendency to seek patents on algorithms.

There are better ways to earn a living than to prevent other people from making use of one's contributions to computer science.

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take.

Why am I the way I am? Well, I used to be different.

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Wander often, wonder always.

There's no possible way you can get what you want.

If you aren't going to do something all the way, don't do it.

It's good to go out and entertain these people, and you've got them on the edge of their seat, they're standing up. Then you know that you've done your job, you've entertained them. My way of entertaining them is going out and wrestling. Everyone's got their different ways.

There are just hundreds of people that have inspired and influenced me in a number of different ways. First of all, you can't forget your parents and all they've done to help you to get here.

I have to do this my way.

I know I'm not a great singer. But I love to sing and I like to use my voice in different ways.

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Always do what you are afraid to do.

So, you pick this stuff here and this stuff there and then you see things in certain ways and you start visualizing and thank God I get the chance to do this. It's really the greatest thing in the whole wide world.

Once you get away from where you're from, you look at it in a different way.

I'm trying to get out of my own way.

That's so different in Hong Kong when I'm using my own mother language, I can treat the line in one thousand different ways, with many different reactions.

Yes, I'm religious. God has shown me things, made certain ways clear to me.

The old ways of force and control will no longer work in the new coming world, and those who cannot evolve will perish.

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

In so many ways we are still in the dark ages, but there is light appearing over the horizon of choice and consciousness.

One man's ways may be as good as another's, but we all like our own best.

There is a large body of abolitionists in Clinton and Clark Counties in this state, and in Wayne County Indiana, that would undoubtedly support such a store, but whether their support would be sufficient, I am unable to say.

We have to think outside the box, inside the Constitution, find ways to do things that will elevate our security, reduce the risk of the incidence of terrorist attack.

Well, I suppose I'm interested in ways of storytelling and in stories that are about storytelling.

Sometimes I think I'm a one-trick pony because I'm not very inventive about new ways of telling stories.

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Always love your mother, because you will never get another.