Old wine and friends improve with age.

Pleasure for one hour, a bottle of wine.

Pleasure for one year a marriage; but pleasure for a lifetime, a garden.

This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear.

You don't want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste.

Water for oxen, wine for kings.

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Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and small people talk about wine.

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.

Wine image quote by Pliny The Elder

In wine, there's truth.

A sweetheart is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle.

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.

My books are water; those of the great geniuses is wine. Everybody drinks water.

Wine is bottled poetry.

There is truth in wine and children

Who loves not women, wine and song remains a fool his whole life long.

Wine image quote by Proverbs

Give a man a bottle of wine, he drinks for a day. Teach a man to make wine, he'll always have lots of friends

The real antichrist is he who turns the wine of an original idea into the water of mediocrity.

Men are like wine - some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.

Wine is a turncoat; first a friend and then an enemy.

Age appears to be best in four things;

old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.

I'm like old wine. They don't bring me out very often, but I'm well preserved.

The tears of those repenting are the wine of angels.

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Spilling a glass of wine is the adult equivalent of letting of go a balloon.


Happiness is a wine of the rarest vintage, and seems insipid to a vulgar taste.

Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.

This is the great fault of wine; it first trips up the feet: it is a cunning wrestler.

I sat at a table where were rich food and wine in abundance, and obsequious attendance, but sincerity and truth were not; and I went away hungry from the inhospitable board.

The effect of video games on the brain [is] very similar to the effect of wine on the health.

Вино́ вину́ твори́т.

Wine image quote by Thomas Jefferson

Good wine is a necessity of life for me.

Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging; and who is deceived by it is not wise.

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter. Sermons and soda water the day after.

Read as you taste fruit or savor wine, or enjoy friendship, love or life.

Time, motion and wine cause sleep.

the writing of some men is like a vast bridge that carries you over the many things that claw and tear. The Wine of Forever

The short bloom of our brief and narrow life flies far away.

While we are calling for flowers and wine and woman, old age is upon us.

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Coffee keeps me busy until it is acceptable to drink wine


Wine hath drowned more men than the sea.

And when night, darkens the streets, then wander forth the sons of Belial, flown with insolence and wine.

Lords are lordliest in their wine.

Beauty is worse than wine, it intoxicates both the holder and beholder.

I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind.

Mirth is the sweet wine of human life. It should be offered sparkling with zestful life unto God.

Wine image quote by Ernest Hemingway

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world

Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable unto him.

A new friend is as new wine: when it is old thou shalt drink it with pleasure.

This race is never grateful: from the first, One fills their cup at supper with pure wine, Which back they give at cross-time on a sponge, In bitter vinegar.

The torpid artist seeks inspiration at any cost, by virtue or by vice, by friend or by fiend, by prayer or by wine.

Letters are like wine; if they are sound they ripen with keeping. A man should lay down letters as he does a cellar of wine.

Life is like wine, the longer you take to enjoy it the more chance you've got of tasting vinegar.

Marriage is like wine. It is not properly judged until the second glass.

I will not be as those who spend the day in complaining of headache, and the night in drinking the wine that gives it.

Ritual will always mean throwing away something: destroying our corn or wine upon the altar of our gods.

It is a maudlin and indecent verity that comes out through the strength of wine.

The wine of youth does not always clear with advancing years; sometimes it grows turbid.

Bronze in the mirror of the form, wine of the mind.

Honest good humor is the oil and wine of a merry meeting, and there is no jovial companionship equal to that where the jokes are rather small and laughter abundant.

And much as Wine has played the Infidel, And robbed me of my Robe of Honor Well, I often wonder what the Vintners buy One half so precious as the stuff they sell.

Wine gives a man nothing... it only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost.