Being the hot girl... you wouldn't want that. It's overrated. Being sexy is actually really boring to me. I'd rather be... I'd rather be interesting.

— Amelia Warner

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It's so English to hate L.A. I'd like to say I love it, but I don't. It's such a weird place. If it were my choice, I wouldn't spend a day there. Everything shuts at 11. And everyone thinks they're so crazy and wild and liberal, and they're not!


The wrap party for the 'Lorna Doone' TV series was pretty special.

We went to about four clubs, then four people's houses, and I got home at midday the next day. I'd been wearing ridiculous green shoes all night, and the dye had smudged all over my legs.


The views from Waterloo Bridge are amazing - you can see so much of London.


It so depends on each script, because you can say.

.. I always thought I wouldn't have wanted to do something that was kind of like as big and commercial as 'The Dark is Rising,' but I really liked the script. I thought it was really clever.


There's no buying a greasy breakfast in L.A. - it's all organic juices.


I am definitely a west London girl.


In film, I don't think I'd try directing.

Maybe one day, but I'd certainly want to go to film school or something before I tried to do something like that. That would be quite scary.


It would be good to see what the Queen gets up to at Buckingham Palace.

I bet she spends her whole time watching 'Coronation Street.'

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