I might bend, but I will NEVER break because it's in my nature as a strong woman.

— Angela Merkel

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To exclude groups of people because of their faith, this isn't worthy of the free state in which we live. It isn't compatible with our essential values. And its humanly reprehensible, xenophobia, racism, extremism have no place here. We are fighting to ensure that they don't have a place elsewhere either.


Look forward to the future and look forward to the unknown.

Nothing stays the same and people change. One day that hurt and pain will be a distant memory.


When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises.


Don't get bitter and twisted and nasty by life.

You may have been wronged or cheated on; two wrongs never make a right. Instead learn your mistakes and learn your lessons. Remain strong with your head held high.


I am thankful for all the hard times I've been through and all the tears I've cried because that has put me as closer to God and made me the strong woman I am today!


...climate change is accelerating. It threatens our well being, our security, and our economic development. It will lead to uncontrollable risks and dramatic damage if we do not take resolute countermeasures.


Nobody in Europe will be abandoned. Nobody in Europe will be excluded. Europe only succeeds if we work together.


I will not let anyone tell me we must spend more money.

This crisis did not come about because we issued too little money but because we created economic growth with too much money and it was not sustainable growth.


I am thankful for the way I was raised, to be positive.

Even when times have gotten rough I have always tried to look on the bright side. Even when I was put down, yelled at and made feel insignificant, I still thought things were alright. I did realize when enough is enough.


Budget consolidation and economic growth are two sides of the same coin.


The willingness to learn new skills is very high.


We will take care of every single person in our society. That is our task.


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A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.


Trying to keep a society together, trying to keep the older and the younger people together, trying to keep those who live in rural areas together with those who live in cities is one of the most important and most noble tasks of politicians these days.


I still believe in the old fashioned ways of showing a woman Respect and Honor!!


I said, yet again, for Germany, Europe is not only indispensable, it is part and parcel of our identity. We've always said German unity, European unity and integration, that's two parts of one and the same coin. But we want, obviously, to boost our competitiveness.


Don't get bogged down by life and other people's problems or hang ups.


Neither the chains of dictatorship nor the fetters of oppression can keep down the forces of freedom for long.


That is why everyone in politics, and we do it, must make sure that they do not depend on one single interest group. A good compromise is one where everybody makes a contribution.


One can remain more sure-footed by taking small steps, but perhaps achieve greater speed by taking bigger steps. Of course, one also runs the risk of setting out in a completely erroneous direction. Surely the important thing isn't the length of our steps, but that the objective is clear.


This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed.


I have great respect for press freedoms.

At the same time, however, a politician also has the freedom to decide whether he or she will accept an invitation to appear on a show or not.


As a woman with strong opinions talking about technology and politics is not always welcome in Germany. Nope, it's more like having a great cheerleader team behind me. People who follow my journey know I have a slightly colorful personality. The rest skipped out long ago.


Europe can only hold together and stand together, which is very important in times of migration challenges, terrorism challenges, if each country takes responsibility for itself.


The digital world creates situation where there are no secrets anymore.


The G7 and former G8 group has always viewed itself as a community of values, the annexation of Crimea, which is a blatant violation of the principles of international law, and the events in eastern Ukraine are serious violations of these common values.


We need trust among allies and partners. Such trust now has to be built anew.


I am courageous at the decisive moment.

But I need a good deal of start-up time, and I try to take as much as possible into consideration beforehand.


We all want to be honest and draw lessons from the past, the WHO is the only international organization that has universal political legitimacy on global health issues. This is why it's so important to render its structures more efficient.


Belong purportedly to certain groups say, "We are the people and not the others.

" That is something that we cannot allow to happen. That is something that I think at the time in the GDR - at the time when we had this in the GDR, where the people stood in the street and said, "We are the people," that is something that filled me with great joy.


This (multicultural) approach has failed, utterly failed.


We must never forget our responsibilities as politicians to our country and its citizens. We must always remain humble before our people.


No bank should be allowed to become so big that it can blackmail governments.


Spying among friends is never acceptable.


Particularly from a German perspective, from a European perspective, I can only say again, Russia is our neighbor.


For a few years, more people have been leaving our country than entering it.

Wherever it is possible, we must lower the entry hurdles for those who bring the country forward.


I don't carry any early childhood trauma around with me, if that's what you're hinting at. The story of the bicycles - and there were three of them which were stolen from me - I've dealt with it well.


Overcoming the Cold War required courage from the people of Central and Eastern Europe and what was then the German Democratic Republic, but it also required the steadfastness of Western partner over many decades when many had long lost hope of integration of the two Germanys and Europe.


The European Union and the United States of America are the big important economic areas for us, which is why I always have come up strongly in favor of concluding a trade agreement with the United States of America.


An institution like Guantanamo in its present form cannot and must not exist in the long term. We must find different ways of dealing with prisoners. As far as I'm concerned there's no question about that.


The land of unlimited opportunity was for me, for a long time, impossible to reach. The wall, barbed wire and the order to shoot at those who tried to leave limited my access to the free world.


If you've worked together with somebody very well, leave-taking is very difficult. But we are all politicians. We all know that democracy lives off change. So, in the United States of America, the Constitution has very clear stipulations on this. It's a tough rule. Eight years and that's it, out goes the president and a new one comes in.


Partners like the United States and Germany must always discuss all issues, including these questions. I welcome the fact that a discussion over legitimate methods of questioning and interrogation is taking place in both Germany and the United States.


The question is: Would there be a market in Germany for certain types of employment if one were to allow the employed person to earn less than is necessary to maintain his standard of living?


So Europe needs to be competitive and we also need to be competitive if we wish to remain an interesting economic partner for the United States. This has to be done on the basis of strength, of competitiveness.


I think we can say our energy system will be the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the world.


Just because times change and alot of people think that dating multiple people is the thing these days, it just isn't a solid foundation at all in matters of the heart. I still believe in marriages that have a physically powerful foundation.


I want to see everyone contribute to the overall costs of the system, and with their entire earnings. I'm convinced that an objective discussion will reveal that the differences between the parties, which have been greatly exaggerated in some quarters, aren't that significant after all.


Ordinary people regard a man of a certain force and flexibility of character as they do a lion; they look at him with a sort of wonder, perhaps they admire him; but they will on no account house with him.