If people can see Earth from up here, see it without those borders, see it without any differences in race or religion, they would have a completely different perspective. Because when you see it from that angle, you cannot think of your home or your country. All you can see is one Earth...

— Anousheh Ansari

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I hope to inspire everyone - especially young people, women, and young girls all over the world, and in Middle Eastern countries that do not provide women with the same opportunities as men - to not give up their dreams and to pursue them.


I believe seeing earth a small blue ball in the vast dark ocean of space, gives you a new perspective on life and what is important. You can see how small we are as compared to the universe and how fragile our lives are.


Being an entrepreneur means that you are sort of inventing something new.

You're giving birth to a company. You're giving birth to a new product, a new service. And that's always exciting.


I'm an explorer by nature, and being an entrepreneur allows me to explore new opportunities and technologies. And that's the best part of it.


Global education is something that is important for me.

Because I believe that our future is going to be built by our young generation.


It is very rewarding when you see your employees happy and excited about the success of the company. When you introduce something new, a product in the world that gets really high marks and everyone loves using it and raves about it. You will feel very good about it.


I always was fascinated by space and always wanted to learn more about it and wanted to experience it first hand by flying into space. I don't know how it began or where it began. Maybe I was born with it. Maybe it's in my genes.


The biggest influence in my life has been by husband, who is also my partner in the business. We started our companies together, and he's always been there encouraging me to take on new challenges in my life. And when I do take them on, he's right beside me supporting and helping me through all the difficult time.


I believe space exploration is an absolute necessity for the survival of human race.


One of the things I do when I'm very stressed out and I can't get out and I need to do something, I just close my eyes and try to remember what it was like to be in space and to float around. And that sort of brings back all of those good sensations and good memories, and it helps me to get through the day.


I think women in Iran are very resilient and I am very proud of all the Iranian women that are standing up for their rights and speaking out, and I hope that they will succeed and I am glad the international community is paying attention and supporting them as well.


One of the most memorable moments was when I first saw earth because I had seen many pictures, many videos of earth from space, and being able to see that with my own eyes had a completely different effect, and sort of almost sensing life emanating from our planet in the dark background of the space, it was a really memorable experience.


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Being an entrepreneur I love to help people, and I think through the products that we develop in my company, we will be able to help a lot of people. Whether it's help them to get over the difficulties of a technology and use it. Or helping employees, creating new jobs, new opportunities for people that work in my company.


I think one thing that has helped me to be an entrepreneur is being an immigrant and coming to the United States. I had to basically build a new life for myself, and adjust very quickly to a new environment, new culture, learn a new language.


Being an entrepreneur does require a lot of sacrifice of your personal time and personal hobbies and things that you enjoy. At least for the period of high growth that you experience at the beginning of a company's life cycle, you have to be ready to make a lot of time sacrifices and personal sacrifice.


You have to find things that are accessible and doable in your busy life and try to fit some time in your schedule to just have time to yourself and be able to recoup and refocus.


I always loved science and math growing up.

I was born in Iran; I grew up there and then came to the United States when I was about 16 years old. And I thought that this was my opportunity to get involved with something really cool and great.


I don't like to just have a repetitive life where I do the same thing over and over. I love to be able to learn something new, explore something new.


One of the things that really gets me excited and makes me start up companies is the fact that you can basically build something new, try to introduce a change in a way that people are used to doing certain activities, and basically create something out of scratch that doesn't exist and would revolutionize whatever it is that you are trying to do with it. So that's part of the reason I love being able to be a technologist.


My advice to everyone is find something that you love to do and you are passionate about. Because if you're not passionate about something, it's very difficult to be dedicated to it.


Being an entrepreneur is really exciting for me.

Whether it's creating something or just building a company and giving others the opportunity to build a career, I think it's exciting to be at the helm of these types of activities.


I wasn't frightened going to outer space.

I'd been living this in my head for many, many years, so I sort of had played all of these scenarios of flying into space and seeing earth. I think I was very prepared for it. It was almost a completely joyful, very happy, very exciting experience, and I didn't have time or any desire to think about what things could go wrong.


Technology doesn't have to be difficult to use or complicated.

I feel technology is something that's there to make your life easier not more difficult.


Of course, spending time with family is always good.

I love the outdoors, so if I get a chance to go out and hike or bike around, that's always great. If I don't have time to leave, just listening to some music that I love reenergizes me and gives me that break I need to go back to whatever it is I'm doing.


I've been very fortunate, because sometimes it's difficult to work with your spouse. But in our case, it's a great working relationship, and we have complementary skills which makes it easy to work together. So I've been very fortunate in that regard.


Being an entrepreneur and starting new companies require a lot of sacrifice.

Sacrifice that you have to make. Because in order to be really successful, your company becomes your life. And then you have to really dedicate your time and energy fully to this endeavor that you start.


It is a very naive view to think that the resources and conditions on earth would last forever. Our race has to take necessary steps to be able to develop the technology necessary to live on other planets and moons and to reach to farther corners of the galaxy.


I would spend hours and hours gazing at the stars and wondering, what's out there? Sometimes I wondered if maybe there was another girl like me on another planet some place gazing at the stars and thinking about the same things.


Find something you enjoy and love and you're passionate about.

And then dedicate all you've got to make it a success. And if you have those two things, I think with your passion and dedication, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.


You have to find ways of integrating what you like into your business life.

And it's difficult at times, but I think over time with experience, you learn how to do it.


Having a really good partner, whether it's a good friend, someone in your family or a spouse, is always the greatest thing to have when you have a new challenge that you're facing.


Being an immigrant and staring life over, you learn to be a survivor and how to face your challenges and basically overcome them. And that has been a great skill set that I've developed and has helped me in my career.


Being an entrepreneur does require commitment.

It is hard work, but it is also highly rewarding. So when you can look back and see yourself building a successful company.


One of the coolest things with the Internet is that it is used by the entire population - as part of education and just on a daily basis for communication. I think that has been one of the coolest technologies that has been developed.

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