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Real breakthroughs are not found because you want to develop some new technology, but because you are curious and want to find out how the world is.

— Anton Zeilinger

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It was easy in the early nineties to make a list of great things that could be done, now that there was such a convenient source of entangled pairs. Anton's claim to fame is that he went and did them.

Anton Zeilinger

We have to give up the idea of realism to a far greater extent than most physicists believe today.

Anton Zeilinger

Maybe knowledge is as fundamental, or even more fundamental than [material] reality.

Anton Zeilinger

I think there is a need for something completely new.

Something that is too different, too unexpected, to be accepted as yet.

Anton Zeilinger

Who is Anton Zeilinger?

Anton Zeilinger is a Austrian quantum physicist
Nationality Austrian
Profession Physicist
Born May 20, 1945
Quotes 5 sayings