It was like a heart transplant. We tried to implant college in him but his head rejected it.

— Barry Switzer

The most courageous Barry Switzer quotes that are simple and will have a huge impact on you

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.


People don't know what it means to be champions. Oklahoma invented it.


The key to his success? He's just faster than the guys chasing him.


Some people are born on third base.


The only way I’d ever recruit a white quarterback to play for me is if his mom and daddy would both have to be black, and that’s the only way I would do it.


The interceptions and two fumbles? Those just happened at the wrong time.


It never changes. Football is a game of repetition, mental and physical. You may try to articulate it a little different, but it's the same thing: Get better players, make fewer mistakes, and drill the fundamentals into your players' heads. The rest of it is a joke. Teams aren't winning because of what they had for breakfast of what some coach said in the locker room.