I've always found that when you're trying to create illusions with sound, especially in a science fiction or fantasy movie, that pulling sounds from the world around us is a great way to cement that illusion because you can go out and record an elevator in George Lucas's house or something, and it will have that motor sound.

— Ben Burtt

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Filmmakers began to experiment with special effects almost as soon as motion pictures were invented. The history of special effects is the history of motion pictures.


Most sound people don't get the assignment to create worlds of sound and get freedom to try a lot of things and then get the scrutiny and support of the team over a long period of time.


True prosperity is the result of well-placed confidence in ourselves and our fellow man.


Most sound work in films is done very quickly, and at the end of the schedule where it's just jammed together and you always wish that you had more sympathy.