I am the author of my life. Unfortunately, I am writing in pen and can’t erase my mistakes.

— Bill Kaulitz

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Always remember, believe in today, believe in tomorrow, believe in yourself, and whatever happens, don't jump.


But if the feelings are mutual, I open my heart without restriction.

I’m not afraid to say 'I love you'.


I want an intelligent girl whom I can talk about everything.

I want her to be my friend, to be partners. I don't like when a girl is rough, but delicate and subtle. I like good manners and not rudeness nor arrogance.


I don’t show my body for a good cause.

.. if one day in a concert I pull down my pants, I would leave without job to those reporters who say I’m a woman


I’m very romantic. I really believe in true love, a love that you only find once in a lifetime, if you have the chance. Because, I think that many people never find it, which is very sad. But, I’m not a guy who flirts easily with girls. I believe that there’s somebody out there for me. I’m still searching.


Laughing is such a pure and natural thing I try to laugh every day.

Think that's one of the most important things in life.


I simply find it boring to walk around like everybody else.

I find it really great to stand out and do something special.


The connection we have is something special.

We know each other since we were in the womb! You can't get any closer then that


Sleep well in your room all three together... don't worry about me being alone.


The best birthday present I ever got was born 10 minutes before I was.


If you’re really in love, you don’t care about all the other girls that are standing in line for you.


I want my true love, because I don't have so much time, and I wanna spend my time with the right girl


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Live every second, Here and now . Don't let go, Before it's to late


I really love dogs. When I see a dog, I go crazy, it's like, “Oh my God, come here, come here!”


The first thing I notice about a girl, is her hands.

I like girls with nice hands. ... And she must be spontaneous as well.


It’s important to be yourself.


The real love is when you wish to give something and not to get.


I don't care about the fact that a dogs place is not in a bed - the closer they are to me, the more beautiful it is.


Always listen to yourself. Believe in you and believe in what you do. And even when other people say you can't handle that.


Dear children, don't eat anything healthy at home, just keep eating those hamburgers


Until someone else does... marry yourself


There is never a reason to give up! It's always going on somehow!


If I had a girlfriend I would write her letters instead of using Twitter.


You know, we're all human beings, and we're not made to be alone.


I won't let anyone stand between me and my brother.


I wasn't somebody who raised his finger and then talked in a hushed voice. I always shouted.


Georg always looks beautiful! He wakes up like beauty himself


Music, it's an emotion; if you're just a puppet, how can you put your soul in what you do? For my part, I believe that I put my soul to it, so I get angry when people think that what I do is plastic.


I will wait for love to fly to me and teach me how to fly


No, I'm not gay. And I think it would be a waste with all those pretty girls in the front row.


Sleep with rockstars...Support the arts.


What do yo think human flesh tastes like?

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