Art - when it is really doing what it should do - teaches abstract thinking; it teaches teamwork; it teaches people to actually think about things that they cannot see.

— Bill T. Jones

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This is what I call participation in the world of ideas. That is what art-making is.


We all agree that marriage is a fundamental right.

And in our country, and in our society, there are no second-class citizens.


When I am in pain, I must know that beauty always has been and always will be.

This is as close to eternity as I need to be.


We are part of each other and part of something bigger than our own egos.

An artist should... bring into the world some vision. Dancers should ask, "What is their work in the service of?"


The body is a reservoir of all sorts of tensions and dark forces.

And it's also the potential source of amazing energy. This thing wants to live. It is a powerful engine. The brain (is) a reservoir of images, dreams, fears, associations, language. And its potential we can't even begin to understand. Movement begins to negotiate the distance between the brain and the body and it can be surprising what we learn about each other.


Slavery is a memory of something we cannot remember, and yet we cannot forget.