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  1. Stand up like a mountain; have faith like a rock; love like an avalanche
  2. Selfless love is always costly; fear can't afford it, pride doesn't understand it and friends never forget it.
  3. No one leads people to Jesus; He leads people to Himself. All the pressure's off; just go love everybody without agenda.
  4. Instead of closing our eyes and bowing our heads, sometimes God wants us to keep our eyes open for people in need, do something about it, and bow our whole lives to Him instead.
  5. We won't be distracted by comparison if we're captivated with purpose.
  6. That's what love does - it pursues blindly, unflinchingly, and without end. When you go after something you love, you'll do anything it takes to get it, even if it costs everything.
  7. The teachers I've learned the most from, didn't think they were teaching me; they just thought we were friends.
  8. We can't always see people's pain; they can always feel our love.
  9. Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.
  10. Something happens when you feel ownership. You no longer act like a spectator or consumer, because you're an owner. Faith is at its best when it's that way too. It's best lived when it's owned.

Bob Goff Short Quotes

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  • I don't know every step I'm supposed to take. I think Jesus just wants me to take the next step.
  • We can be the light of the world without leaving our high beams on and annoying everybody.
  • Courage isn't the absence of fear, it's just deciding that fear isn't calling the shots anymore
  • Love God, love your neighbors, and do stuff!
  • Surround yourself with prompts that remind you who Jesus is.
  • Don't let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a backup plan instead of your purpose.
  • ...love is never stationary.
  • The way we treat people we disagree with most is a report card on what we've learned about love.
  • God's never as nervous about our future, or as concerned about our past, as we are.
  • Love one another. We don't need more instructions; we need more examples.

Bob Goff Quotes On Love

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Most of our decisions are driven by either love or fear. Figure out who's doing the talking, then decide what you'll do. — Bob Goff

Loving people the way Jesus did, means living a life of constant interruptions. Bring it. — Bob Goff

What I noticed, though, is almost every time I type the word love, it gets changed to the word live… I learned that fully loving and fully living are not only synonymous but the kind of life that Jesus invited us to be part of. — Bob Goff

Love does whatever it takes to multiply itself and somehow along the way everyone becomes a part of it. — Bob Goff

The words we speak to each other should leave stretch marks, not bruises. Love is always picky about what it says. — Bob Goff

But the kind of love that God created and demonstrated is a costly one because it involves sacrifice and presence. It's a love that operates more like a sign language than being spoken outright. — Bob Goff

People who take huge risks aren't afraid to fail. In fact, they love to fail. It's because failing means they found the edge. — Bob Goff

I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do; and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. That’s what love does. — Bob Goff

We need to make our faith our very own love story. — Bob Goff

Extravagant love is never wasted. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Life

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Too often we are posers. Don't be afraid. Be you. Live a life worthy of the calling YOU'VE received. — Bob Goff

We won't figure out what's sacred in life if we settle for what's safe. — Bob Goff

Live a life of conspicuous grace and courageous resolve. — Bob Goff

Words people say not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape life. — Bob Goff

Living a life of following Christ means constant interruptions. — Bob Goff

Don't let other people decide who you are. — Bob Goff

It's easy to confuse a lot of activity with a purposeful life. Do what lasts; let the rest fall away. — Bob Goff

When you are in high school, you don't give much thought to what you can't do. For most people, that gets learned later, and for still fewer, gets unlearned for the rest of life. — Bob Goff

Start from scratch with Jesus every day and then be picky about what you add to your life. — Bob Goff

I used to think life could be shared with anyone, but now I know choosing the right people is pretty important. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Joy

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Cynicism is fear posing as confidence; joy is hope let off the leash. — Bob Goff

Figure out what fuels your joy, then do lots of that — Bob Goff

People who want to manipulate you will fear your joy, because it's not easily controlled. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Friends

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The most beautiful scenery in the world is when our friends come into view. — Bob Goff

Jesus never told His friends to play it safe. — Bob Goff

Day turned to night, His friends scattered and death thought it had won. But heaven just started counting to three — Bob Goff

We don't really make friends, they make us. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Hope

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No book is a chapter, no chapter tells the whole story, no mistake defines who we are. Hope makes our lives page turners. — Bob Goff

There's a lot to be concerned about; there's more to be hopeful for. — Bob Goff

I used to hope the things I did would work; now I hope they last. — Bob Goff

Sometimes we ask God for help and God gives us hope, not because it's different, but because it's the same. — Bob Goff

I think God’s hope and plan for us is pretty simple to figure out. For those who resonate with formulas, here it is: add your whole life, your loves, your passions, and your interests together with what God said He wants us to be about, and that’s your answer. — Bob Goff

Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It's about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That's what I want my life to be all about - full of abandon, whimsy, and in love. — Bob Goff

The shallow end of hope is usually the deep end of grace. — Bob Goff

Fear will give us a reason not to try; hope will give us a reason not to listen. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Grace

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Grace means we can put the chalk away and stop keeping score! — Bob Goff

Grace works that way. It's a kind word from a gentle person with an impossible prayer. It's a force sometimes transmitted best hand to hand in a dark place. — Bob Goff

Our failures can leave behind pavement or potholes. Our ability to receive grace determines which it will be. — Bob Goff

Grace draws a circle around everyone and says they're in. — Bob Goff

Next to grace, I bet God thinks making us need each other was one of His best ideas. — Bob Goff

We'll fill our lives with what we cultivate the most. Plant grace by the acre. — Bob Goff

God's grace comes in all shapes, sizes, and circumstances as God continues to unfold something magnificent in me. — Bob Goff

Insecurity wants us to keep track of our failures; grace doesn't even write them down. — Bob Goff

Grace means we don't need to airbrush our lives to make them look like they're working. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Failure

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The thing I love about God is He intentionally guides people into failure. — Bob Goff

We spend a lot of energy remembering failures God spent a lot of love saying we could forget. — Bob Goff

God finds us in the holes we dig for ourselves. We see failures; He sees foundations. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Quotes On Inspiring

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God doesn't break things so He can fix them; He fixes broken things so He can use them. — Bob Goff

We'll become whoever we trust the most says we are. — Bob Goff

Love finds us where we are, not where we were. — Bob Goff

Whatever you're aiming for, God's better. — Bob Goff

Bob Goff Famous Quotes And Sayings

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It has always seemed to me that broken things, just like broken people, get used more; it's probably because God has more pieces to work with. — Bob Goff

I used to think God wouldn’t talk to me, but now I know I’m just selective with what I choose to hear. — Bob Goff

I used to think God guided us by opening and closing doors, but now I know sometimes God wants us to kick some doors down. — Bob Goff

I'm all for getting together with men and women in small groups around Scripture and letting it just wash over us, but for me, I've been meeting with the same ten guys for like 15 years now, but we don't have a Bible study every Friday, we have a Bible doing. — Bob Goff

I used to think you had to be special for God to use you, but now I know you simply need to say yes. — Bob Goff

If you’re following God and haven’t lost much of what you’ve been holding on to - follow a little closer. — Bob Goff

We all want to have a place where we can dream and escape anything that wraps steel bands around our imagination and creativity. — Bob Goff

When we love people but don't make it about us, we're exchanging currency we can use for a while for currency we can use forever. — Bob Goff

I know that sounds so circular, but for you, what you were made to do, is different than what I was made to do. But instead of spending all of our time having Bible studies about what we were made to do, go do stuff and you'll figure out what you were made to do, because you'll be great at some things and you'll be terrible at others. — Bob Goff

Do less of what you're terrible at and more of what you're good at. I don't know if that sounds too simple, but it's been working for me. — Bob Goff

Do one thing that's heroic for you today - big or small - and fear won't define you anymore. — Bob Goff

We plant sod where God wants 2 plant seed. He's more interested in growing our character than having us look finished. — Bob Goff

Jesus always pointed people towards a better version of themselves - particularly when they'd failed. — Bob Goff

What I've learned the more time I've spent following Jesus is that God delights in answering our impossible prayers. — Bob Goff

I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I'm more afraid of succeeding at things that don't matter. — Bob Goff

Failure is just part of the process, and it's not just okay; it's better than okay. God doesn't want failure to shut us down. God didn't make it a three-strikes-and-you're-out sort of thing. It's more about how God helps us dust ourselves off so we can swing for the fences again. And all of this without keeping a meticulous record of our screw-ups. — Bob Goff

We're part of God's much bigger plan for the whole world. Just like God's Son arrived here, so did you. And after Jesus arrived, God whispered to all of humanity “It's your move. — Bob Goff

God made beauty so we'd know how He felt about us. — Bob Goff

I never know what all of the steps are but I do know the next step. — Bob Goff

We get to be God's plan for the whole world by pointing people toward Him. — Bob Goff

We might be known for what we believed, but we're certain to be remembered for what we did about it. — Bob Goff

Love doesn't just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it... Simply put: Love does! — Bob Goff

Small streams don't plan to be mighty rivers. We just move in a direction; God decides what He'll have us become. — Bob Goff

See people for who they're becoming. Not who they were. — Bob Goff

Jesus is nuts about kids. He doesn't seem to think much of lawyers which really lands close to home, but He's nuts about kids and loves justice. — Bob Goff

I think of the church as this bride of Christ, who is incredibly capable of doing amazing things. And so where we see injustice, we come, not with fists clenched but with palms up. — Bob Goff

God isn't trying to make our lives easier; He wants to make them more meaningful. — Bob Goff

I used to think that real love involved falling for someone; but now I think it usually involves standing for someone. — Bob Goff

Fear calls out our doubts; God calls out our names. — Bob Goff

Fix your eyes on Jesus; it's ok to stare. — Bob Goff

That's all the information I need to know about the church, Jesus picked it. And so instead of me telling the church how she would really look better if she had this in her hair, or that over there, I think I'm just respecting the Groom's pick. — Bob Goff

Courageous people feel the same fear everyone else does, they just decide to not be afraid anymore. — Bob Goff

It will be more love, not more information, that will change our hearts. — Bob Goff

I used to think being loved was the greatest thing to think about, but now I know love is never satisfied just thinking about it. — Bob Goff

Jesus lets us be real with our life and our faith. — Bob Goff

I used to want to fix people, but now I just want to be with them. — Bob Goff

Go be the next humblest version of yourself. — Bob Goff

What distracts us will begin to define us. We don't need to swing at every pitch. — Bob Goff

The real game of Bigger and Better that Jesus is playing with us usually isn't about money or possessions or even our hopes. It's about our pride. He asks if we'll give up that thing we're so proud of, that thing we believe causes us to matter in the eyes of the world, and give it up to follow Him. He's asking us, 'Will you take what you think defines you, leave it behind, and let Me define who you are instead?' — Bob Goff

Courage doesn't mean we're not afraid anymore, it just means our actions aren't controlled by our doubts. — Bob Goff

God isn't afraid of our doubts; He's way more concerned when we fake it. — Bob Goff

When you love people like Jesus, you get messy. But messy looks good on you! — Bob Goff

When it feels like we need to choose between being right and being humble- pick both — Bob Goff

Do what lasts, get around to everything else. — Bob Goff

Every day God invites us on the same kind of adventure. It's not a trip where He sends us a rigid itinerary, He simply invites us. God asks what it is He's made us to love, what it is that captures our attention, what feeds that deep indescribable need of our souls to experience the richness of the world He made. And then, leaning over us, He whispers, "Let's go do that together. — Bob Goff

If we only do what we're familiar with, we might miss what we've been made for. — Bob Goff

We determine how much influence we'll have, when we decide how available we'll be. — Bob Goff

The world will figure out what we really believe, by watching what we actually do. — Bob Goff

God often waits until we're out of ideas before He lets us know His plans. He competes for our hearts, not our attention. — Bob Goff

Faith isn't figuring out what we're able to do, it's deciding what we're going to do - even when we think we can't. — Bob Goff

It will be the people with the greatest love, not the most information, who will influence us to change. — Bob Goff

Love like there's no tomorrow; live like there's no yesterday. We're forgiven; now go love people like we believe it — Bob Goff

You don't want to pick a fight with just the guy at the deli, [you want to] pick a fight somewhere in the world and just run towards it. Run because the fight is going to go on without you if you miss it. — Bob Goff

If we pick recognition over influence we'll be known for all the wrong stuff. — Bob Goff

We're all amateurs when it comes to love. Don't be too hard on each other. — Bob Goff

Nobody turns down an invitation to the White House, but I’ve seen plenty of people turn down an invitation to fully live. — Bob Goff

Every time we see people as ordinary, we turn the wine back into water. — Bob Goff

Life Lessons by Bob Goff

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  1. Bob Goff's work emphasizes the importance of living life with intention and kindness. He encourages readers to take risks and be brave in the face of fear, and to remember that everyone has something to offer the world.
  2. Bob Goff's work also emphasizes the importance of embracing the present moment and living life with joy and gratitude. He encourages readers to be generous with their time and resources, and to invest in relationships and experiences that bring them joy.
  3. Bob Goff's work also encourages readers to be courageous and to take action in order to make a positive difference in the world. He emphasizes the importance of living a life of purpose and making a lasting impact.

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