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  1. I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves
  2. I would rather be free in my mind, and be locked up in a prison cell, than to be a coward and not be able to say what I want.
  3. Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponents mind.
  4. The turning point in my career came with the realization that Black should play to win instead of just steering for equality.
  5. I give 98 percent of my mental energy to Chess Others give only 2 percent
  6. A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is required to become a great Chess player
  7. I don't keep any close friends. I don't keep any secrets. I don't need friends. I just tell everybody everything, that's all.
  8. You can only get good at Chess if you love the game
  9. Psychologically, you have to have confidence in yourself and this confidence should be based on fact.
  10. I am not today, nor have I ever been a Jew, and as a matter of fact, I am uncircumcised.

Bobby Fischer Short Quotes

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  • I like the moment when I break a man's ego.
  • Every chess game is like taking a five-hour final exam.
  • If I win a tournament, I win it by myself. I do the playing. Nobody helps me
  • Tactics flow from a superior position
  • Chess and me, it's hard to take them apart. It's like my alter ego.
  • I hate ready-made suits, button-down collars, and sports shirts.
  • I'm not afraid of Spassky. The world knows I'm the best. You don't need a match to prove it.
  • People have been playing against me below their strength for fifteen years.
  • I play honestly and I play to win. If I lose, I take my medicine.
  • I know people who have all the will in the world, but still can't play good Chess

Bobby Fischer Quotes On Chess

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Capablanca was among the greatest of chess players, but not because of his endgame. His trick was to keep his openings simple, and then play with such brilliance in the middlegame that the game was decided - even though his ooponent didn't always know it - before they arrived at the ending. — Bobby Fischer

In chess so much depends on opening theory, so the champions before the last century did not know as much as I do and other players do about opening theory. So if you just brought them back from the dead they wouldn't do well. They'd get bad openings. — Bobby Fischer

As Olafsson showed me, White can win... It's hard to believe. I stayed up all night analysing, finally convicing myself, and, incidentally, learning a lot about Rook and Pawn endings in the process. — Bobby Fischer

I think it's almost definite that the game is a draw theoretically. — Bobby Fischer

My opponents make good moves too. Sometimes I don't take these things into consideration — Bobby Fischer

Don't even mention losing to me. I can't stand to think of it — Bobby Fischer

If you don't win, it's not a great tragedy - the worst that happens is that you lose a game. — Bobby Fischer

That's what Chess is all about. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one — Bobby Fischer

I am the best player in the world, and I am here to prove it. — Bobby Fischer

There are tough players and nice guys, and I'm a tough player — Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Quotes On America

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Well, you know, in America everybody is interested in making the dollar fast. In Yugoslavia no matter how much you hustle you're not going to get rich, so you might as well play chess. — Bobby Fischer

America is totally under control of the Jews, you know. I mean, look what they're doing in Yugoslavia. — Bobby Fischer

It is time to finish off the U.S. once and for all. — Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Quotes On Genius

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I consider myself to be a genius who happens to play chess. — Bobby Fischer

Genius. It's a word. What does it really mean? If I win I'm a genius. If I don't, I'm not. — Bobby Fischer

Morphy was probably the greatest genius of them all — Bobby Fischer

I object to being called a chess genius because I consider myself to be an all around genius who just happens to play chess, which is rather different. A piece of garbage like Kasparov might be called a chess genius, but he's like an idiot savant. Outside of chess he knows nothing. — Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Quotes On Moves

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You have to have the fighting spirit. You have to force moves and take chances — Bobby Fischer

My sister bought me a set at a candy store and taught me the moves. — Bobby Fischer

I don't recommend trying to cram a lot of long opening-move variations into your head. The main idea behind any opening is to get a strong pawn center and give your pieces a lot of scope so that you cramp your opponent's position and can attack weaknesses in his game. — Bobby Fischer

I studied that first Karpov-Kasparov match for a year and a half before I cracked it, what they were doing, and discovered that it was all prearranged move-by-move. There's no doubt of it in my mind. — Bobby Fischer

I could give any woman in the world a piece and a move; to Gaprindashvili even, a knight. — Bobby Fischer

All that matters on the chessboard is good moves. — Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Famous Quotes And Sayings

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My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They're not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I'm not just doing this for myself... This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They're a menace to the whole world. — Bobby Fischer

I was in Japan a couple of months ago, I saw a preview for the movie Pearl Harbor. And they showed the Japanese airplanes coming in to bomb Pearl Harbor, and I applauded. Nobody else in the theater applauded. — Bobby Fischer

Karpov, Kasparov, Korchnoi have absolutely destroyed chess by their immoral, unethical, prearranged games. These guys are really the lowest dogs around, and if people knew the truth about them, they would be held in more contempt than Ben Johnson, the runner, and they're going to know the truth when I do this book! — Bobby Fischer

When I used to go to the Manhattan Chess Club back in the fifties, I met a lot of old-timers there who knew Capablanca, because he used to come around to the Manhattan club in the forties - before he died in the early forties. They spoke about Capablanca with awe. I have never seen people speak about any chess player like that, before or since. — Bobby Fischer

First of all, we have to understand what communism is. I mean, to me, real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism. — Bobby Fischer

Vacations are designed to refresh the outlook of everyone. No matter how tired they may be when they return to work, vacationers have been refreshed emotionally and intellectually. Their effectiveness in their job has probably improved, and they are, generally speaking, better employees for the time off. — Bobby Fischer

Your body has to be in top condition. Your Chess deteriorates as your body does. You can't separate body from mind — Bobby Fischer

Sometimes girls write me. One girl in Yugoslavia sent me a whole slew of love letters. I don't know how she got my address. She was in a crowd watching me play. She says when I left there the stars fell out of the sky over Yugoslavia, or something like that. — Bobby Fischer

The U.S. and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians, just slaughtering them, for years. Robbing them and slaughtering them. — Bobby Fischer

The old chess is too limited. Imagine playing cards, black jack for example, and every time the dealer has the same starting hand you have the same starting hand. What's the point? — Bobby Fischer

Well, I kind of split my life into two pieces. One was where my chess career lies. There, I kept my sanity, so to speak, and my logic. And the other was my religious life. I tried to apply what I learned in the church to my chess career too. But I still was studying chess. I wasn't just "trusting in God" to give me the moves. — Bobby Fischer

I don't like to dwell on the past. I'm interested in Fischerandom now, I am working on a new clock, I'm trying to make chess a more exciting game today. I am not interested in sitting in my rocking chair thinking what I did 10, 20 or 30 years ago. — Bobby Fischer

I can remember times coming home from a chess club at four in the morning when I was half asleep and half dead and forcing myself to pray an hour and study an hour. You know, I was half out of my mind-stoned almost. — Bobby Fischer

They asked me what year it was, what month it was, etc. I easily answered these stupid questions. — Bobby Fischer

I was going to do a book about the first prearranged Karpov-Kasparov match, '84-'85. But the God-damn Jews have stolen my entire file on that. — Bobby Fischer

I have nothing to do with politics. I came here [Yugoslavia] to play chess and nothing else. — Bobby Fischer

Chess is life. — Bobby Fischer

Maybe I should publish the book. The world is coming to an end anyway! — Bobby Fischer

I was never invited to the White House. — Bobby Fischer

I don't believe in hero worship. — Bobby Fischer

Well, I'm not sure I know what you mean by a prima donna, but if something doesn't interest me or if someone bores me, or if I think they're a phony, I just don't bother with them, that's all. — Bobby Fischer

I usually never stay at the board after a game. Especially against Spassky. I made a dumb suggestion and he refuted it instantly! I know I'm going to have to play him some day and it was really stupid to look like such a jerk in front of him. — Bobby Fischer

Yeah, I used to dress badly until I was about sixteen. But people just didn't seem to have enough respect for me, you know And I didn't like that, so I decided I'd have to show them they weren't any better than me, you know? They were sort of priding themselves. They would say, 'He beat us at chess, but he's still just an uncouth kid.' So I decided to dress up. — Bobby Fischer

Americans like a winner. If you lose, you're nothing. I'm going to win, though. It's good for the match that Spassky has a plus score against me. We've met five times. He's won three times and we've drawn twice. But I'm a stronger player and a long match favors me. — Bobby Fischer

Its just you and your opponent at the board and you're trying to prove something — Bobby Fischer

There isn't a woman player in the world I can't give knight-odds to and still beat. — Bobby Fischer

I really love the dark of the night. It helps me to concentrate. — Bobby Fischer

Most people are sheep, and they need the support of others. — Bobby Fischer

I don't believe in psychology. — Bobby Fischer

I grew up with the concept of freedom of speech. So I'm too old, it's too late for me to adjust to the new world, the new world order. — Bobby Fischer

Chess is like war on a board — Bobby Fischer

Computers are our only opponents that don't always have no excuse when losing against me. — Bobby Fischer

There's no one alive I can't beat. — Bobby Fischer

Blitz chess kills your ideas. — Bobby Fischer

Nobody has single-handedly done more for the US image than me... — Bobby Fischer

Yeah, there are too many Jews in chess. They seem to have taken away the class of the game. They don't seem to dress so nicely, you know. That's what I don't like. — Bobby Fischer

You know I'm finished with the old chess because it's all just a lot of book and memorization you know. — Bobby Fischer

In my opinion, the King's Gambit is busted. It loses by force. — Bobby Fischer

To get squares you have to give up squares. — Bobby Fischer

Is it against the law to kill a reporter? — Bobby Fischer

You are never too old to play chess! — Bobby Fischer

Alekhine developed as a player much more slowly than most. In his twenties, he was an atrocious chessplayer, and didn't mature until he was well into his thirties. — Bobby Fischer

FIDE has decided against my participation in the 1975 World Chess Champion title. — Bobby Fischer

All I ever want to do is just play chess. — Bobby Fischer

I read a book lately by Nietzsche and he says religion is just to dull the senses of the people. I agree. — Bobby Fischer

For the first lesson, I want you to play over every column of Modern Chess Openings, including the footnotes. And for the next lesson, I want you to do it again. — Bobby Fischer

I'm not as soft or as generous a person as I would be if the world hadn't changed me. — Bobby Fischer

Different people feel differently about resigning — Bobby Fischer

Chess is a matter of delicate judgement, knowing when to punch and how to duck. — Bobby Fischer

The United States is an illegitimate country, just like Israel. It has no right to exist. That country belongs to the Red man, the American Indian... It's actually a shame to be a so-called American, because everybody living there is a usurper, an invader taking part in this crime, which is to rob the land, rob the country and kill all the American Indians. — Bobby Fischer

I don't remember one thing I learned in school. — Bobby Fischer

Chess demands total concentration — Bobby Fischer

There's no luck involved in chess. You just have to work at it. — Bobby Fischer

The United States is evil. It has to be brought down, it has to be eliminated from the world scene. They are the ones who have made the world the hell that it is. — Bobby Fischer

He is the so-called father of the modern school of chess; before him, the King was considered a weak piece and players set out to attack the King directly. Steinitz claimed that the King was well able to take care of itself, and ought not to be attacked until one had some other positional advantage. He understood more about the use of squares than Morphy and contributed a great deal more to chess theory. — Bobby Fischer

There was open collusion between the Russian players. They agreed ahead of time to draw the games they played against each other. Every time they drew they gave each other half a point. — Bobby Fischer

When I win, I'll put my title on the line every year, maybe even twice. I'll give players a chance to beat me. — Bobby Fischer

I prepare myself well. I know what I can do before I go in. I'm always confident. — Bobby Fischer

It's little quirks like this that could make life difficult for a chess machine. — Bobby Fischer

Teach people to play new chess, right away. Why do you offer them a black and white television set, when there is a set in color? — Bobby Fischer

If you have seen one Alekhine game you've seen them all. — Bobby Fischer

I don't listen to weakies. — Bobby Fischer

Ultimately the white man should leave the United States and the black people should go back to Africa. — Bobby Fischer

Normally we'd draw the curtain here, but I just wanted to see what he'd play next. — Bobby Fischer

I'd like to travel around, be an international playboy. They have all that money; they could really do it right. Look at (Errol) Flynn. — Bobby Fischer

Now my only income is a few royalty cheques from my books. — Bobby Fischer

I want to see the U.S. wiped out. Death to the U.S. — Bobby Fischer

I don't care! I don't have to show anybody my games just because they're a big shot! — Bobby Fischer

All my games are real — Bobby Fischer

But the thing that was great about Capablanca was that he really spoke his mind, he said what he believed was true, he said what he felt. He [Capablanca] wanted to change the rules [of chess] already, back in the twenties, because he said chess was getting played out. He was right. Now chess is completely dead. It is all just memorisation and prearrangement. It's a terrible game now. Very uncreative. — Bobby Fischer

They're all weak, all women. They're stupid compared to men. They shouldn't play chess, you know. They're like beginners. They lose every single game against a man. There isn't a woman player in the world I can't give knight-odds to and still beat. — Bobby Fischer

Life Lessons by Bobby Fischer

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  1. Bobby Fischer taught us the importance of dedication and hard work, as he was able to become one of the greatest chess players of all time through sheer determination and practice.
  2. Bobby Fischer also showed us the importance of staying true to oneself, as he refused to play in the 1975 World Chess Championship unless his demands were met.
  3. Finally, Bobby Fischer demonstrated the power of believing in oneself, as he was able to defeat the reigning world champion, Boris Spassky, in 1972 despite being the underdog.

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