You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity.

— Bobby Seale

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A people who have suffered so much for so long at hands of a racist society must draw the line somewhere.... the black communities of America must rise up as one man to halt the progression of a trend that leads inevitably to their total destruction.


There's nothing wrong with being a cop.

There's nothing wrong with being a white person. It's about where your heart is...We've got to get everyone beyond the xenophobic isolationism.


Our position was: If you don't attack us, there won't be any violence;

if you bring violence to us, we will defend ourselves.


A people who have suffered so much for so long at the hands of a racist society must draw the line somewhere.


To develop political and economic power in a capitalist society, you need capital.


There is an entire generation of young people who know nothing about how viciously the FBI attacked The Black Panther Party, and why.


All I did in Chicago was to exercise my legal right to speak on my own behalf and I was given four years in jail as a result. But I think the most serious injustice perpetrated by the court system in America is the inability of a black man to get a jury of his peers.


On the one hand, the guns were there to help capture the imagination of the people. But more important, since we knew that you couldn't observe the police without guns, we took our guns with us to let the police know that we have an equalizer.


I think the American Dream should be about a greater progressive legislation that allows for what I call a necessary future world of cooperational humanism.


The Black Panther Party were not revenge nationalists.


The Black Panther party of Self-Defense is a revolutionary party.


Electoral politics was always an objective of the Black Panther party, so Barack Obama is a part of what we dreamed and struggled and died for.


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I'm still a political revolutionary. The fire never went out of me, but perceptions and realizations change.


But I think people, especially white people, have to come to understand that the language of the ghetto is a language of its own, and as the party - whose members for the most part come from the ghetto - seeks to talk to the people, it must speak the people's language.


The first point was we wanted power to determine our own destiny in our own black community. And what we had done is, we wanted to write a program that was straightforward to the people. We didn't want to give a long dissertation.


We were not talking about the average white person: we was talking about the corporate money rich and the racist jive politicians and the lackeys, as we used to call them, for the government who perpetuate all this exploitation and racism.


I'd have no trouble being the barbecue kingpin of America.

I'd just add it to all the other things I am: jazz musician, carpenter, architect, engineer and revolutionary.


We jumped into the protest of Vietnam before the Black Panther Party ever started, before the Black Panther Party was even thought of. In fact, it was late 1965 and 1966 that the anti-Vietnam War, anti-draft to the Vietnam War protest started at University of California, Berkeley.


We were like heroes, to stand there and observe the police, and the police were scared to move upon us.


Fox News never calls up Bobby Seale to articulate a stance in opposition to right-wing conservatives. To me, giving the New Black Panthers a platform on Fox is a subtle tactic to scare people.


My father was a master carpenter and builder.

Architectural design, engineering design, mechanical design, three-dimensional views, that was my shtick, my forte.


Money is the medium of exchange, and it's how you make things happen.

To say you hate it is some farfetched, idealistic crap.


I always tried to raise money for the Black Panthers through business schemes.


I am not a hoodlum. I'm a community organizer.


I have quite a few good friends in Philadelphia who were police officers.


We're hip to the fact that Superman never saved no black people. You got that?


They came down on us because we had a grass-roots, real people's revolution, complete with the programs, complete with the unity, complete with the working coalitions, where we crossed racial lines.


The people have now come to realize that the only way to deal with the oppressor is to deal on our own terms and this was done.


I still want my right to defend myself.

A railroad operation, and you know it, from Nixon on down. they got you running around violating my constitutional rights.


When we use the term pig, for example, we are referring to the people who systematically violate the peoples' constitutional rights - whether they be monopoly capitalists or police. The term is now being adopted by radicals, hippies, and minority peoples. Even the workers, when the pigs supported strike-breakers like they did as Union Oil where 100 local police came in a cracked strikers' heads, began to call them by their true name.


The only solution to pollution is a people's humane revolution!


We don't hate nobody because of their color. We hate oppression!