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  1. I don't like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and it isn't of much value. Life hasn't revealed its beauty to them.
  2. When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it.
  3. Man is born to live, not to prepare for life.
  4. The writer is the Faust of modern society, the only surviving individualist in a mass age. To his orthodox contemporaries he seems a semi-madman.
  5. To be a woman is a great adventure; To drive men mad is a heroic thing.
  6. They don't ask much of you. They only want you to hate the things you love and to love the things you despise.
  7. And why is it, thought Lara, that my fate is to see everything and take it all so much to heart?
  8. You and I, it's as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.
  9. Art is unthinkable without risk and spiritual self-sacrifice.
  10. What is laid down, ordered, factual is never enough to embrace the whole truth: life always spills over the rim of every cup.

Boris Pasternak Short Quotes

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  • How wonderful to be alive, he thought. But why does it always hurt?
  • That's metaphysics, my dear fellow. It's forbidden me by my doctor, my stomach won't take it.
  • Good-bye... why am I hemorrhaging ?
  • Immensely grateful, touched, proud, astonished, abashed.
  • You are eternity's hostage A captive of mine.
  • I hate everything you say, but not enough to kill you for it.
  • We're all time's captives, hostages to eternity.
  • I have the impression that if he didn't complicate his life so needlessly, he would die of boredom.
  • He was a natural, and in the Russian way, tragically above these benalities
  • No bad man can be a good poet.

Boris Pasternak Quotes On Life

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Man is born to live and not to prepare to live. — Boris Pasternak

He realised, more vividly than ever before, that art had two constant, two unending preoccupations: it is always meditating upon death and it is always thereby creating life. — Boris Pasternak

The whole of life is symbolic because the whole of it has meaning. — Boris Pasternak

Work is the order of the day, just as it was at one time, with our first starts and our best efforts. Do you remember? Therein lies its delight. It brings back the forgotten; one's stores of energy, seemingly exhausted, come back to life. — Boris Pasternak

I don't like purely philosophical works. I think a little philosophy should be added to life and art by way of seasoning, but to make it one's specialty seems to me as strange as eating nothing but horseradish." - Lara, from Doctor Zhivago — Boris Pasternak

Art is interested in life at the moment when the ray of power is passing through it. — Boris Pasternak

Art always serves beauty, and beauty is the joy of possessing form, and form is the key to organic life since no living thing can exist without it. — Boris Pasternak

Art has two constant, two unending concerns: It always meditates on death and thus always creates life. All great, genuine art resembles and continues the Revelation of St John. — Boris Pasternak

Our evenings are farewells. Our parties are testaments. So that the secret stream of suffering. May warm the cold of life. — Boris Pasternak

It is no longer possible for lyric poetry to express the immensity of our experience. Life has grown too cumbersome, too complicated. We have acquired values which are best expressed in prose. — Boris Pasternak

Boris Pasternak Quotes On Love

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They loved each other, not driven by necessity, by the "blaze of passion" often falsely ascribed to love. They loved each other because everything around them willed it, the trees and the clouds and the sky over their heads and the earth under their feet. — Boris Pasternak

Most people experience love, without noticing that there is anything remarkable about it. — Boris Pasternak

Love is not weakness. It is strong. Only the sacrament of marriage can contain it. — Boris Pasternak

Farewell, my great one, my own, farewell, my pride, farewell, my swift, deep, dear river, how I loved your daylong splashing, how I loved to plunge into your cold waves. — Boris Pasternak

No deep and strong feeling, such as we may come across here and there in the world, is unmixed with compassion. The more we love, the more the object of our love seems to us to be a victim. — Boris Pasternak

If it's so painful to love and absorb electricity, how much more painful it is to be a woman, to be the electricity, to inspire love. — Boris Pasternak

Only the solitary seek the truth, and they break with all those who don't love it sufficiently — Boris Pasternak

Oh, what a love it was, utterly free, unique, like nothing else on earth! Their thoughts were like other people's songs. — Boris Pasternak

He comes as a guest to the feast of existence, and knows that what matters is not how much he inherits but how he behaves at the feast, and what people remember and love him for. — Boris Pasternak

Failure to love is almost like murder. — Boris Pasternak

Boris Pasternak Quotes On Death

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What is history? Its beginning is that of the centuries of systematic work devoted to the solution of the enigma of death, so that death itself may eventually be overcome. That is why people write symphonies, and why they discover mathematical infinity and electromagnetic waves. — Boris Pasternak

Departure beyond the borders of my country is for me equivalent to death. — Boris Pasternak

And when the war broke out, its real horrors, its real dangers, its menace of real death were a blessing compared with the inhuman reign of the lie, and they brought relief because they broke the spell of the dead letter. — Boris Pasternak

Boris Pasternak Quotes On World

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It snowed and snowed, the whole world over, Snow swept the world from end to end. A candle burned on the table; A candle burned. — Boris Pasternak

As in an explosion, I would erupt with all the wonderful things I saw and understood in this world. — Boris Pasternak

How many things in the world deserve our loyalty? Very few indeed. I think one should be loyal to immortality, which is another word for life, a stronger word for it. — Boris Pasternak

The whole wide world is a cathedral; I stand inside, the air is calm, And from afar at times there reaches My ear the echo of a psalm. — Boris Pasternak

In this era of world wars, in this atomic age, values have changed. We have learned that we are guests of existence, travelers between two stations. We must discover security within ourselves. — Boris Pasternak

But who are we, where do we come from When all those years Nothing but idle talk is left And we are nowhere in the world?" = MEETING = — Boris Pasternak

Boris Pasternak Quotes On Truth

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What for centuries raised man above the beast is not the cudgel but the irresistible power of unarmed truth. — Boris Pasternak

In every generation there has to be some fool who will speak the truth as he sees it. — Boris Pasternak

... the unarmed power of naked truth. — Boris Pasternak

Gregariousness is always the refuge of mediocrities, whether they swear by Soloviev or Kant or Marx. Only individuals seek the truth, and they shun those whose sole concern is not the truth. — Boris Pasternak

Boris Pasternak Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Poetry is a rich, full-bodied whistle, cracked ice crunching in pails, the night that numbs the leaf, the duel of two nightingales, the sweet pea that has run wild, Creation's tears in shoulder blades. — Boris Pasternak

As far as modern writing is concerned, it is rarely rewarding to translate it, although it might be easy. Translation is very much like copying paintings. — Boris Pasternak

A conscious attempt to fall asleep is sure to produce insomnia, to try to be conscious of one's own digestion is a sure way to upset the stomach. Consciousness is a poison when we apply it to ourselves. Consciousness is a light directed outward. it's like the headlights on a locomotive—turn them inward and you'd have a crash. — Boris Pasternak

Oh, how one wishes sometimes to escape from the meaningless dullness of human eloquence, from all those sublime phrases, to take refuge in nature, apparently so inarticulate, or in the wordlessness of long, grinding labor, of sound sleep, of true music, or of a human understanding rendered speechless by emotion! — Boris Pasternak

At the moment of childbirth, every woman has the same aura of isolation, as though she were abandoned, alone. — Boris Pasternak

I have been writing in spurts, bit by bit. It is incredibly difficult. Everything is corroded, broken, dismantled; everything is covered with hardened layers of accumulated insensitivity, deafness, entrenched routine. It is disgusting. — Boris Pasternak

A corner draft fluttered the flame And the white fever of temptation Upswept its angel wings that cast A cruciform shadow. — Boris Pasternak

Even so, one step from my grave, I believe that cruelty, spite, The powers of darkness will in time, Be crushed by the spirit of light. — Boris Pasternak

I think that if the beast who sleeps in man could be held down by threats of any kind, whether of jail or retribution, then the highest emblem of humanity would be the lion tamer, not the prophet who sacrificed himself.... What for centuries raised man above the beast is not the cudgel but the irresistible power of unarmed truth. — Boris Pasternak

I come here to speak poetry. It will always be in the grass. It will also be necessary to bend down to hear it. It will always be too simple to be discussed in assemblies. — Boris Pasternak

It´s a good thing when a man is different from your image of him. Is shows he isn´t a type. If he were, it would be the end of him as a man. But if you can´t place him in a category, it means that at least a part of him is what a human being ought to be. He has risen above himself, he has a grain of immortality. — Boris Pasternak

I used to be very revolutionary, but now I think that nothing can be gained by brute force. People must be drawn to good by goodness. — Boris Pasternak

And so it turned out that only a life similar to the life of those around us, merging with it without a ripple, is genuine life, and that an unshared happiness is not happiness. — Boris Pasternak

If you want to know, life is the principle of self-renewal, it is constantly renewing and remaking and changing and transfiguring itself. — Boris Pasternak

A literary creation can appeal to us in all sorts of ways-by its theme, subject, situations, characters. But above all it appeals to us by the presence in it of art. It is the presence of art in Crime and Punishment that moves us deeply rather than the story of Raskolnikov's crime. — Boris Pasternak

It was not until after the coming of Christ that time and humans could breathe freely. It was not until after him that people began to live toward the future. Humans do not die in a ditch like a dog-but at home in history, while the work toward the conquest of death is in full swing; they die sharing in this work. — Boris Pasternak

What you don't understand is that it is possible to be an atheist, it is possible not to know if God exists or why He should, and yet to believe that man does not live in a state of nature but in history, and that history as we know it now began with Christ, it was founded by Him on the Gospels. — Boris Pasternak

In view of the meaning given to this honor in the community to which I belong, I should abstain from the undeserved prize that has been awarded to me. Do not meet my voluntary refusal with ill will. — Boris Pasternak

The most extraordinary discoveries are made when the artist is overwhelmed by what he has to say. — Boris Pasternak

Yet the order of the acts is planned And the end of the way inescapable. I am alone; all drowns in the Pharisees' hypocrisy. — Boris Pasternak

All mothers are mothers of great people, and it is not their fault that life later disappoints them. — Boris Pasternak

You and I are like the first two people on earth who at the beginning of the world had nothing to cover themselves with - at the end of it, you and I are just as stripped and homeless. And you and I are the last remembrance of all that immeasurable greatness which has been created in all the thousands of years between their time and ours, and it is in memory of all that vanished splendour that we live and love and weep and cling to one another. — Boris Pasternak

As before the collapse, the setting sun brushed the tiles, brought out the warm brown glow on the wallpaper, and hung the shadow of the birch on the wall as if it were a woman's scarf. — Boris Pasternak

Salvation lies not in the faithfulness to forms, but in the liberation from them. — Boris Pasternak

An unshared happiness is not happiness. — Boris Pasternak

It's only in bad novels that people are divided into two camps and have nothing to do with each other. In real life everything gets mixed up! Don't you think you'd have to be a hopeless nonentity to play only one role all your life, to have only one place in society, always to stand for the same thing?--Ah, there you are!" - Larissa Fyodorovna in Doctor Zhivago. — Boris Pasternak

The last moments slipped by, one by one, irretrievable. — Boris Pasternak

But the division in him was a sorrow and a torment, and he became accustomed to it only as one gets used to an unhealed and frequently reopened wound. — Boris Pasternak

During the last years of Mayakovski's life, when all poetry had ceased to exist . . . literature had stopped. — Boris Pasternak

I am alone; all drowns in the Pharisees' hypocrisy. To live your life is not as simple as to cross a field. — Boris Pasternak

But what are pity, conscience, or fear To the brazen pair, compared With the living sorcery Of their hot embraces? — Boris Pasternak

Mother Russia is on the move, she can't stand still, she's restless and can't find rest, she's talking and she can't stop. — Boris Pasternak

It is not the object described that matters, but the light that falls on it. — Boris Pasternak

I am caught like a beast at bay. Somewhere are people, freedom, light, But all I hear is the baying of the pack, There is no way out for me. — Boris Pasternak

We must discover security within ourselves. — Boris Pasternak

And now listen carefully. You in others-this is your soul. This is what you are. This is what your consciousness has breathed and lived on and enjoyed throughout your life-your soul, your immortality, your life in others. And what now? You have always been in others and you will remain in others. And what does it matter to you if later on that is called your memory? This will be you-the you that enters the future and becomes a part of it. — Boris Pasternak

I love you wildly, insanely, infinitely. — Boris Pasternak

In life it is more necessary to lose than to gain. A seed will only germinate if it dies. — Boris Pasternak

You fall into my arms. You are the good gift of destruction's path, When life sickens more than disease. And boldness is the root of beauty. Which draws us together. — Boris Pasternak

She was here on earth to make sense of its wild enchantments. — Boris Pasternak

No single man makes history. History cannot be seen just as one cannot see grass growing. — Boris Pasternak

Here they are, all in one place. Circle back to them when you need some poetic shine. It is not revolutions and upheavals that clear the road to better days, but revelations, and lavishness of someone's soul inspired, and ablaze. — Boris Pasternak

He is her glory. Any woman could say it. For every one of them, God is in her child. Mothers of great men must have been familiar with this feeling, but then, all women are mothers of great men -- it isn't their fault if life disappoints them later. — Boris Pasternak

And remember: you must never, under any circumstances, despair. To hope and to act, these are our duties in misfortune. — Boris Pasternak

Life Lessons by Boris Pasternak

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  1. Boris Pasternak taught us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may be. He showed us that one should always strive to be true to oneself and to follow one's own path.
  2. Pasternak also taught us to appreciate the beauty of life and to take joy in the small moments that make up our days. He believed that life is a journey, and that we should enjoy the ride.
  3. Lastly, Pasternak showed us that no matter what obstacles we face, we should never lose hope. He encouraged us to keep striving for our goals and to never give up on our dreams.

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