Within the soil of a discouraging season can often be the seeds of incredible blessing, miracles and breakthrough!

— Brian Houston

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A blessed life is one that understands that when God saves you, He has others in mind. I believe every Christian needs to know that they are not only saved, but are also called to live a life of purpose.


You'll never come second by putting God first.


When ordinary people pray, extraordinary things can happen.


The starting point for building great relationships is making wise decisions about who we allow close to us. We need people who will build us up and take us forward, and good friends will do just that.


Though there are times when it may seem like God is silent, he is never absent.


Don't be fooled into thinking that you have the capacity to achieve your best on your own. A training partner in the gym is a great asset because when you think you have reached your limit, there is someone who can push you to go further.


Be outrageous enough to trust God. Don't be adjusting your vision downward. Keep believing for radical things in Christ.


The strength of a good friendship that goes the distance will be unconditional love.


To choose life with God is to choose a blessed life.


Love God. Live Called. It's not just devotional, it's vocational!


Leaders goal: Don't be afraid of vulnerability & transparency, (without being pitiful). People respond to authenticity.


Praise works best at the start, before the miracle, before the breakthrough, before the restoration.


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Living life with a clear conscience is the fruit of a repentant heart and new life through Jesus Christ.


It isn't about singing a particular hymn or reciting a prayer – it's about a relationship with your Heavenly Father who loves and cares for you.


Anything can happen and it probably will.


Great churches aren't built on the gifts or talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many.


Church should be enjoyed, not endured.


Love is a very compelling argument.


Find friends who ALIGN with your destiny & lose friends who ALIENATE you from destiny!


The devil doesn't care how big your church is - he cares how influential it is.


Leaders goal: Avoid building around only ONE person's ministry gifting.

Longevity is in a team, not an individual!


The Church is not an enforcer of rules, but an outpost of grace


The purpose of God's blessing is to enable you to be a great channel of blessing to others. If you have nothing, there is nothing you can do for anyone else; if you have a little, you can only help a little; but if you have plenty, there is a whole lot you can do. When you are blessed, you have a mighty foundation from which to impact others. You are blessed to be a blessing.


You don't change the world out of obligation, but you will out of glorious obsession.


Every season is filled with lessons.


Authenticity is essential to the soul!


Simply put, if you want Bible results, you have to live by Bible principles.


The way to get the mind of God, is seek to know the heart of God!


Leaders goal: Understand the power of serving a leader further down the road than you because leadership is contagious.