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Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Quotes (BEST)

  1. A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be.
  2. The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism after you lose your innocence.
  3. Someday girl, I don't know when, were gonna get to the place where we really want to go, and we'll walk in the sun. But til then, tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.
  4. cause down the shore everything's all right
  5. Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny.
  6. Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty. And meet me tonight in Atlantic City
  7. Show a little faith, there's magic in the night.
  8. The future is now. Roll up your sleeves and let your passion flow. The country we carry in our hearts is waiting.
  9. Some of the greatest blues music is some of the darkest music you've ever heard.
  10. Yeah, I had gay friends. The first thing I realized was that everybody's different, and it becomes obvious that all of the gay stereotypes are ridiculous.

Bruce Springsteen Short Quotes

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  • We gotta get out while we're young, 'cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run.
  • Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.
  • When it comes to luck, you make your own.
  • A man armed with a rhyming dictionary is a dangerous man.
  • The criminal ineptitude makes you furious.
  • You ride in a limousine the first time, it's a big thrill but after that it's just a stupid car.
  • Time slips away and leaves you with nothing, mister, but boring stories of glory days.
  • It's a sad man my friend who's livin' in his own skin and can't stand the company.
  • The light from the oncoming train focuses the mind.
  • Your legs were heaven, your breasts were the alter, your body was the holy land.
 quote Talk about a dream, try to make it real
Talk about a dream, try to make it real

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Success

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Success makes life easier. It doesn't make living easier. — Bruce Springsteen

Your success story is a bigger story than whatever you're trying to say on stage. Success makes life easier. It doesn't make living easier. — Bruce Springsteen

I didn't know if it would be a success-ful one, or what the stages would be, but I always saw myself as a lifetime musician and songwriter. — Bruce Springsteen

The only thing I can say about having this type of success is that you can get yourself in trouble because basically the world is set open for you. People will say yes to anything you ask, so it's basically down to you and what you want or need. — Bruce Springsteen

After 'Born to Run,' I had a reaction to my good fortune. With success, it felt like a lot of people who'd come before me lost some essential part of themselves. My greatest fear was that success was going to change or diminish that part of myself. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Love

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Now everyone dreams of a love faithful and true, But you and I know what this world can do. So let's make our steps clear so the other may see. And I'll wait for you...should I fall behind wait for me. — Bruce Springsteen

What if what you do to survive kills the things you love? — Bruce Springsteen

We've got no fairytale ending, in God's hands our fate is complete. Your heaven's here in my heart, our love's this dust beneath my feet. — Bruce Springsteen

strenght-faith-hope-love — Bruce Springsteen

The artists we love, they put their fingerprint on your imagination, and on your heart and your soul. — Bruce Springsteen

Nothing matters in the whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey girl. — Bruce Springsteen

Well let there be sunlight, let there be rain Let the brokenhearted love again Sherry, we can run with our arms open before the tide. — Bruce Springsteen

You'll walk with me out on the wire, cuz baby, I'm just a scared and lonely rider, but I gotta know how it feels... I want to know love is wild, babe, I want to know love is real. — Bruce Springsteen

Ought to be easy, ought to be simple enough: Man meets woman, and they fall in love, But the house is haunted and the ride gets rough. You got to learn to live with what you can't rise above. — Bruce Springsteen

There's a beauty in work and I love it, all different kinds of work. That's what I consider it. Rock is my job, and that's my work. And I work my ass off, you know. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Life

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I have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American dream. — Bruce Springsteen

The past is never the past. It is always present. And you better reckon with it in your life and in your daily experience, or it will get you. It will get you really bad. — Bruce Springsteen

Just sitting around waiting for my life to begin, while it was all just slipping away. — Bruce Springsteen

A pop song is a condensed version of a life in three minutes, whereas, when you go to write your prose, you have to find the rhythm in your words, and you have to find the rhythm in the voice that you have found and the way you're speaking. — Bruce Springsteen

But I think that your entire life is a process of sorting out some of those early messages that you got. — Bruce Springsteen

A dream of life comes to me, like a catfish dancing on the end of the line. — Bruce Springsteen

Born down in a dead man's town, The first kick I took was when I hit the ground, You end up like a dog that's been beat too much, Till you spend half your life just covering up... — Bruce Springsteen

Most artists I know had one person in their life who told them they were the second coming of the baby Jesus, and another person that told them they weren't worth anything, and they believed them both, you know? — Bruce Springsteen

Politics and life go hand in hand. — Bruce Springsteen

I don't like to write rhetorically or get on a soapbox. I try to make the stuff multi-layered, so that it always has a life outside its social context. I don't believe that you can tell people anything; you can only draw them in. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Friendship

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All people have is hope. That's what brings the next day and whatever that day may bring... A hope grounded in the real world of living, friendship, work, family... — Bruce Springsteen

Wendy, let me in, I wanna be your friend. I wanna guard your dreams and visions. — Bruce Springsteen

I would rather feel the hurt inside, yes I would darling, than know the emptiness that your heart must hide. — Bruce Springsteen

To say I'll make your dreams come true would be wrong, but maybe, darling, I could help them along. — Bruce Springsteen

I'm laughing at you, you're laughing at me. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Family

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Because we lived in the presence of the church and the convent and the rectory and the school 24-7. And this was an enormous cornerstone in the lives of my entire family. They were all pretty serious Catholic churchgoers. — Bruce Springsteen

I grew up with a very big extended family, with a lot of aunts. We had about five or six houses on one street. — Bruce Springsteen

The Jersey Shore is the kind of place where the policeman has a little cottage that might have been in the family for years and many other people call home. — Bruce Springsteen

I always wanted my music to influence the life you were living emotionally - with your family, your lover, your wife, and, at a certain point, with your children. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Elvis

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That Elvis, man, he is all there is. There ain't no more. Everything starts and ends with him. He wrote the book. But for him, I'd be selling encyclopedias right now. There have been a lotta tough guys. There have been pretenders. And there have been contenders. But there is only one king. — Bruce Springsteen

Elvis is my religion. But for him, I'd be selling encyclopedias right now. — Bruce Springsteen

You weren't supposed to hear Elvis Presley. You weren't supposed to hear Jerry Lee Lewis. You weren't supposed to hear Robert Johnson. You weren't supposed to hear Hank Williams. And they told the story of the secret America. — Bruce Springsteen

The man on the radio says Elvis Presley's died. We drove to Memphis, the sky was hard and black. — Bruce Springsteen

Elvis Presley is all there is. There just ain't no more. Everything starts and ends with Elvis. He wrote the book. He is everything to do and not to do in the music business. — Bruce Springsteen

It was like Elvis came along and whispered some dream in everybody's ear — Bruce Springsteen

I heard a political message in rock music. A liberation message. A message of freedom. I heard it in Elvis' voice. — Bruce Springsteen

So I bought a forty-four magnum, it was solid steel cast, and in the blessed name of Elvis, well I just let it blast 'til my TV lay in pieces. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Rock

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I like narrative storytelling as being part of a tradition, a folk tradition. — Bruce Springsteen

Until I realized that rock music was my connection to the rest of the human race, I felt like I was dying, for some reason, and I didn't know why. — Bruce Springsteen

A great rock band searches for the same kind of combustible force that fueled the expansion of the universe after the big bang. You want the earth to shake and spit fire. You want the sky to split apart and for God to pour out. — Bruce Springsteen

The E Street band casts a pretty wide net. Our influences go all the way back to the early primitive garage music, and also, we've had everything in the band from jazz players to Kansas City trumpet players to Nils Lofgren, one of the great rock guitarists in the world. — Bruce Springsteen

Every rock song is some variation of 'Pull down your pants' — Bruce Springsteen

Plus, you know, when I was young, there was a lot of respect for clowning in rock music - look at Little Richard. It was a part of the whole thing, and I always also believed that it released the audience. — Bruce Springsteen

We're here to re-dedicate you to The Power, The Passion, The Mystery, and The Ministry of Rock and Roll. — Bruce Springsteen

When I first started in rock, I had a big guy's audience for my early records. I had a very straight image, particularly through the mid '80s. — Bruce Springsteen

When I was growing up, there were two things that were unpopular in my house. One was me, and the other was my guitar. — Bruce Springsteen

In the past, some of the songs that were the most fun, and the most entertaining and rocking, fell by the wayside because I was concerned with what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Inspirational

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At the end of every hard day, people find some reason to believe. — Bruce Springsteen

Those wounds stay with you, and you turn them into a language and a purpose. — Bruce Springsteen

My heart's dark, but it's rising. I'm pulling all the faith I can see. — Bruce Springsteen

Talk about a dream, try to make it real. — Bruce Springsteen

It's a town full of losers And I'm pulling out of here to win. — Bruce Springsteen

It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive. — Bruce Springsteen

Music doesn't tell you where to go. It says, go find your own place. That's what it told me. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Music

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I can sing very comfortably from my vantage point because a lot of the music was about a loss of innocence, there's innocence contained in you but there's also innocence in the process of being lost. — Bruce Springsteen

The best music, you can seek some shelter in it momentarily, but it's essentially there to provide you something to face the world with. — Bruce Springsteen

And whether you're drawn to gospel music or church music or honky-tonk music, it informs your character and it informs your talent. — Bruce Springsteen

I've had an experience through music that has touched almost every part of me. It educated me in ways that I didn't get educated in school. So we try to lay on a bit of that, through being funny, being serious, playing hard. — Bruce Springsteen

Your spoken voice is a part of it - not a big part of it, but it's something. It puts people at ease, and once again kind of reaches out and makes a bridge for what's otherwise difficult music. — Bruce Springsteen

I was looking for some way to put my music to some service on a nightly basis. You go into a town, you play a little music, you leave something behind. That idea connected us to the local community. It was a very simple idea, but it really resonated with me. — Bruce Springsteen

The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with. — Bruce Springsteen

Certainly tolerance and acceptance were at the forefront of my music. — Bruce Springsteen

I think that is what film and art and music do; they can work as a map of sorts for your feelings. — Bruce Springsteen

[The Catholic religion] was something I carried with me, never forgot, brought into my music. And it's been in my music ever since. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Essentially

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People deserve... the truth. They deserve honesty. The best music, you can seek some shelter in it momentarily, but it's essentially there to provide you something to face the world with. — Bruce Springsteen

The different social forces that affected my parents' lives or my friends' lives or I saw around me became essential for me to write about. — Bruce Springsteen

Most artists I know consider themselves to be phonies, along with the feeling that there's something that you're doing is essential, essential to communicate, and deeply, deeply real. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On Face

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For the ones who had a notion, A notion deep inside, That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive I wanna find one face that ain't looking through me I wanna find one place, I wanna spit in the face of these badlands — Bruce Springsteen

The first thing that I do when I come out every night is to look at the faces in front of me, very individually. — Bruce Springsteen

Now young faces grow sad and old and hearts of fire grow cold We swore blood brothers against the wind I'm ready to grow young again — Bruce Springsteen

I met a girl and we ran away, I swore I'd make her happy every day. And how I made her cry, two faces have I. — Bruce Springsteen

I was unrecognizable to myself; I saw my reflection in a window; I didn't know my own face. — Bruce Springsteen

I played in front of every conceivable audience you could face: an all-black audience, all-white, firemen's fairs, policemen's balls, in front of supermarkets, bar mitzvahs, weddings, drive-in theaters. I'd seen it all before I ever walked into a recording studio. — Bruce Springsteen

The street's alive as secret debts are paid, Contacts made, they vanished unseen. Kids flash guitars just like switch-blades Hustling for the record machine. The hungry and the hunted explode into rock'n'roll bands That face off against each other out in the street, down in Jungleland. — Bruce Springsteen

I want to spit in the face of these badlands. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Quotes On World

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I looked at myself, and I just said, well, you know, I can sing but I'm not the greatest singer in the world. I can play guitar very well, but I'm not the greatest guitar player in the world... And so I said, well, if I'm going to project an individuality, it's going to have to be in my writing. — Bruce Springsteen

They wanted to know why I did what I did. Well, sir I guess there's just meanness in the world. — Bruce Springsteen

I guess there's just a meanness in this world — Bruce Springsteen

For an adult, the world is constantly trying to clamp down on itself. Routine, responsibility, decay of institutions, corruption: this is all the world closing in. — Bruce Springsteen

I always write with an audience in mind. If I feel that [connection] coming back at me then I feel like I'm doing my job. That's why people come to my music - for some emotional experience or a perspective, either on their own lives, or on the world that they're living in. — Bruce Springsteen

We live in a post-authentic world, and today authenticity is a house of mirrors. It's all just what you're bringing when the lights go down. It's your teachers, your influences, and your personal history. At the end of the day, it's the power and purpose of your music that still matters. — Bruce Springsteen

You can't start a fire Worrying 'bout your little world falling apart This gun's for hire Even if we're just dancing in the dark — Bruce Springsteen

The first time I heard Bob Dylan, I was in the car with my mother listening to WMCA, and on came that snare shot that sounded like somebody'd kicked open the door to your mind. — Bruce Springsteen

In the end what you don't surrender, well, the world just strips away. — Bruce Springsteen

There's people that get a chance to do the kind of work that changes the world, and make things really different. And there's the kind that just keeps the world from falling apart. — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, and a king ain't satisfied until he rules everything. — Bruce Springsteen

I do a lot of curiosity buying; I buy it if I like the album cover, I buy it if I like the name of the band, anything that sparks my imagination. I still like to go to record stores, I like to just wander around and I'll buy whatever catches my attention. — Bruce Springsteen

I had a ten-piece band when I was 21 years old, the Bruce Springsteen Band. This is just a slightly expanded version of a band I had before I ever signed a record contract. We had singers and horns. — Bruce Springsteen

Show a little faith there is magic in the night. You ain't a beauty, but hey you're alright, and that's alright with me. — Bruce Springsteen

Gonna be a twister to blow everything down That ain't got the faith to stand its ground Blow away the dreams that tear you apart Blow away the dreams that break your heart Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted. — Bruce Springsteen

For one kiss, darling, I swear everything I would give. Cause you're a walking, talking reason to live. — Bruce Springsteen

There have been a lotta tough guys. There have been pretenders. And there have been contenders. But there is only one king. — Bruce Springsteen

Basically, I was pretty ostracized in my hometown. Me and a few other guys were the town freaks- and there were many occasions when we were dodging getting beaten up ourselves. — Bruce Springsteen

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time. — Bruce Springsteen

Just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of... Well, the time slips away and leaves you with nothing, mister, but boring stories of Glory days - yeah, they'll pass you by, Glory days - in the wink of a young girl's eye. — Bruce Springsteen

It's a fairytale so tragic there's no prince to break the spell. I don't believe in magic, but for you I will — Bruce Springsteen

You can go from doing something quite silly to something dead serious in the blink of an eye, and if you're making those connections with your audience then they're going to go right along with it. — Bruce Springsteen

We're gonna play some pool, skip some school, act real cool, stay out all night, it's gonna be alright. — Bruce Springsteen

The first day I can remember looking into a mirror and being able to stand what I saw was the day I had a guitar in my hand. — Bruce Springsteen

Dancing in the dark. Does fortune wait or just the black hand of fate, It'll take your God filled soul. Fill it with devils. — Bruce Springsteen

The school system only recognizes one type of intelligence. There are so many different types of intelligence. — Bruce Springsteen

Think of it this way: performing is like sprinting while screaming for three, four minutes. And then you do it again. And then you do it again. And then you walk a little, shouting the whole time. And so on. Your adrenaline quickly overwhelms your conditioning. — Bruce Springsteen

I think you can get to a point where nihilism, if that's the right word, is overwhelming, and the basic laws that society has set up - either religious or social laws - become meaningless. — Bruce Springsteen

My image had always been very heterosexual, very straight. So it was a nice experience for me, a chance to clarify my own feelings about gay and lesbian civil rights. — Bruce Springsteen

In the third grade, a nun stuffed me in a garbage can under her desk because she said that's where I belonged. I also had the distinction of being the only altar boy knocked down by a priest during mass. — Bruce Springsteen

Go-kart Mozart was checking out the weather chart to see if it was safe outside. — Bruce Springsteen

She's a walkin', talkin' reason to live. — Bruce Springsteen

Walk tall, or baby don't walk at all. — Bruce Springsteen

So let's take the good times as they go and I'll meet you further on up the road. — Bruce Springsteen

Your flag flyin' over the courthouse Means certain things are set in stone. Who we are, what we'll do and what we won't — Bruce Springsteen

You can revisit - the wonderful thing about my job is you can revisit your 22-year-old self or your 24-year-old self any particular night you want. The songs pick up some extra resonance, I hope, but they're still - they're there, and I can revisit that period of my life when I choose. So it's quite a nice experience. — Bruce Springsteen

The moment you begin to depend on audience reaction, you're doing the wrong thing. You're doin' it wrong, it's a mistake, it's not right. You can't allow yourself, no matter what, to depend on them. — Bruce Springsteen

In the day we sweat it out on the streets on a runaway American dream. — Bruce Springsteen

Every fool has a reason for feeling sorry for himself. — Bruce Springsteen

I realized the only time I felt complete and peaceful was while I was playing or shortly afterwards, even though it was in front of thousands of other people, which most people wouldn't consider to be a safe place. — Bruce Springsteen

In the early years, I found a voice that was my voice and also partly my father's voice. But isn't that what you always do? Why do kids at 5 years old go into the closet and put their daddy's shoes on? Hey, my kids do it. — Bruce Springsteen

You've got to learn to live with what you can't rise above. — Bruce Springsteen

The name 'Boss' started with people that worked for me... It was not meant like Boss, capital B, it was meant like 'Boss, where's my dough this week?' And it was sort of just a term among friends. I never really liked it. — Bruce Springsteen

If you listen to the great Beatle records, the earliest ones where the lyrics are incredibly simple. Why are they still beautiful? Well, they're beautifully sung, beautifully played, and the mathematics in them is elegant. They retain their elegance. — Bruce Springsteen

Sometimes it's like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull and cut a six inch valley through the middle of my soul. — Bruce Springsteen

I was always concerned with writing to my age at a particular moment. That was the way I would keep faith with the audience that supported me as I went along. — Bruce Springsteen

Pessimism and optimism are slammed up against each other in my records, the tension between them is where it's all at, it's what lights the fire. — Bruce Springsteen

No, I always felt that amongst my core fans- because there was a level of popularity that I had in the mid '80s that was sort of a bump on the scale- they fundamentally understood the values that are at work in my work. — Bruce Springsteen

Some guys they just give up living, and start dying little by little, piece by piece. — Bruce Springsteen

The release date is just one day, but the record is forever. — Bruce Springsteen

People see you onstage and, yeah, I'd want to be that guy.I want to be that guy myself very often. — Bruce Springsteen

Madman drummers, bummers, Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat. In the dumps with the mumps as the adolescent pumps his way into his hat. — Bruce Springsteen

Every good writer or filmmaker has something eating at them, right? That they can't quite get off their back . And so your job is to make your audience care about your obsessions. — Bruce Springsteen

Sister, I won't ask for forgiveness, my sins are all I have. — Bruce Springsteen

The country we carry in our hearts is waiting. — Bruce Springsteen

Out of the east on an Irish stallion came bounty hunter Dan His heart quickened and burdened by the need to get his man He found Pete peacefully fishing by the river, pulled his gun and got the drop He said, "Pete, you think you've changed, but you have not. — Bruce Springsteen

I hadn't performed by myself in a while. It feels very natural to me, and I assume people come for the very same reasons as they do when I'm with the band: to be moved, for something to happen to them. — Bruce Springsteen

In America everything's about who's number one today. — Bruce Springsteen

The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive. — Bruce Springsteen

I'm interested in what it means to be an American. I'm interested in what it means to live in America. I'm interested in the kind of country that we live in and leave our kids. I'm interested in trying to define what that country is. — Bruce Springsteen

Life Lessons by Bruce Springsteen

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  1. Bruce Springsteen teaches us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how hard the journey may be. He has persevered through many challenges to become one of the most successful musicians of all time.
  2. He also emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication - no matter how talented you are, you must put in the effort to make your dreams a reality.
  3. Additionally, Springsteen encourages us to stay true to ourselves and our values, and to never compromise our beliefs for the sake of success.

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