When I played, I never needed the spotlight, nor did I want it. I simply wanted to play baseball and be respected by my teammates and the opposing players.

— Bruce Sutter

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The three most important pitches I threw in my life were all fastballs.


I'm certainly thankful for what the Cubs did for me.

I respect their organization. It's the same way with the Atlanta Braves, an awfully fine organization. I respect everybody who's down there, and that's still where I live today. But the Cardinals represent the best years of my career.


Pitchers are going to break. You can limit their pitches and limit their innings, and they're still going to blow out. Pitching is hard on the arm.


I'm basically a country person.


My first year in the big leagues, I made $17,000.

It was easy to go out and get another $17,000 relief pitcher. I never worried about innings or pitches. I just pitched.


Goose Gossage is a friend of mine, and he's definitely a Hall of Fame pitcher in my mind.


I could throw pretty hard. I might strike out 16 guys, but I might walk 10. I mean, I was wild.

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