Every game is an opportunity to measure yourself against your own potential.

— Bud Wilkinson

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If a team is to reach its potential, each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team.


The man who tried his best and failed is superior to the man who never tried.


You can motivate players better with kind words than you can with a whip.


Remember, 'Rome was not built in a day.

' Instant success is never possible. Competence results only from sustained, consistent, self-disciplined effort over an extended period of time.


We compete, not so much against an opponent, but against ourselves.

The real test is this: Did I make my best effort on every play?


Morale and attitude are the fundamentals to success.


Confidence is the invisible cement that binds a team together.


Play against the Game, not your opponent.


Losing is easy. It's not enjoyable, but it's easy.


Football, in its purest form, remains a physical fight.

As in any fight, if you don't want to fight, it's impossible to win.


The quality of your play never counts as much as the quality of your effort.


If you are going to be a champion, you must be willing to pay a greater price.


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