You have to fight harder, dig deeper, and prove all the doubters wrongs.

— Carli Lloyd

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The harder you work and the more prepared you are for something, you're going to be able to persevere through anything.


You can be angry and pissed off at the coach and put your head down and pout.

Or you can rise above it, respect the decision, but also know that you're going to go and work that much harder and prove everybody wrong. And that's the road that I chose.


There's no reason that young girls shouldn't feel like they can't smash people on the field. Nothing dirty. You want to keep it clean. You just want to play hard. Get your jersey dirty, shorts dirty, and just have fun out there.


When I first met him [James Galanis], he just said, "Look, if you want to be a professional soccer player, if you want to make the national team, you have to do everything possible to work hard. You’ve got to put it number one."


I'm hearing in youth sports where you're not allowed to post scores of games online; everybody's gotta get a trophy. I mean, that's ridiculous. If you're a winner, you're a winner and you get a trophy. If you got second place, you don't get anything.


Playing in Wembley Stadium in front of 83-some-thousand fans to win a gold medal was unreal. I think, male or female, that was a record number.


I'm a competitor. No matter what I'm doing, whether I'm golfing, whether I'm playing indoor soccer with my fiancé - he's not going to get by me. I'm going to try to do whatever I can to win.


Nothing in life is worthwhile unless it's kind of hard to get there.


The end goal is to become FIFA Women's Player of the Year.


I kind of play like a guy. I don't hold grudges. I don't get dramatic with things. If somebody slide tackles me in training and we leave the field, I'm still talking to them. I think that there's very few of us out there that can just take confrontation, and if you've got an issue with something, you can go to that person and say it.


I think that I'm just on such a mission with my career that you don't really get to stop and think about your jersey number too often.


I'm honest. If people aren't putting in the effort, I will definitely let them know because I think that that can only help them.


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Every time I step onto the field, whether people like it or not, I'm not trying to play dirty - I'm just playing tough. And I'm trying to earn my spot on the team. I'm trying to earn a starting spot. I'm trying to become a complete midfielder who attacks, who defends. So that's the mindset.


Work hard at everything you do. Never give up. Never quit. Many people have talents but without the hard work you won't get anywhere.


I'd be lying if I said I wasn't human and tears weren't rolling down my face and I wasn't pissed and I wasn't angry. There are lots of times that those emotions come out in my career.


Every time I step in between those lines, I'm in the zone.

If you get between me and the ball, you might get smashed a couple times. Things happen, plays happen.


I don't get too upset or bent out of shape from things that go on on the field.

But I think that you always want to try to keep it classy. You don't want to do any stupid fouls, and sometimes - sometimes the game gets to you; people react differently.