If I can get that DAM trio back together again - "get the band back together" - and put on a concert of David Bowie's electronic music, that's the way I want to remember David, moving forward into the future of music.

— Carlos Alomar

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David Bowie's music is a moving target.

Just when you think you got the bullseye, it shifts. And to his credit, on to death, it's still shifting. David Bowie is a moving target, even after he's gone.


Musicians have to do what they do and express it musically.

All the blah blah blah will get lost in the dialogue.


I think that's the way to go - dive into the music and don't think, stay frozen, why don't we all stay frozen in time for awhile?


I need to do a concert to celebrate David Bowie's electronic music.

And in so doing, I'm not taking a step back, I'm taking a step forward and presenting it in its entirety so people can understand this type of visionary.


It is trust, but it is also courage - that you can leave an individual to his own devices and say "explore and experiment" and think, "It's okay, I'll see what it sounds like when I come back."