Roll up your sleeves, set your mind to making history, and wage such a fight for liberty that the whole world will respect our sex.

— Carrie Chapman Catt

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Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life.


In the adjustment of the new order of things, we women demand an equal voice;

we shall accept nothing less.


Everybody counts in applying democracy.

And there will never be a true democracy until every responsible and law-abiding adult in it, without regard to race, sex, color or creed has his or her own inalienable and unpurchasable voice in government.


No written law has ever been more binding than unwritten custom supported by popular opinion.


If we learn from the experience, there is no failure, only delayed victory.


Do not stand in the way of the next step in human progress.

No one living who reads the signs of the times but realizes that woman suffrage must come. We are working for the ballot as a matter of justice and as a step for human betterment.


The vote is a power, a weapon of offense and defense, a prayer.


White supremacy will be strengthened, not weakened, by women's suffrage.


When a just cause reaches its flood-tide.

..whatever stands in its way must fall before its overwhelming force.


Just as the world war is no white man's war, but every man's war, so is the struggle for woman suffrage no white woman's struggle, but every woman's struggle.


There are whole precincts of voters in this country whose united intelligence does not equal that of one representative American woman.


the system which admits the unworthy to the vote provided they are men, and shuts out the worthy provided they are women, is so unjust and illogical that its perpetuation is a sad reflection upon American thinking.


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Parliaments have stopped laughing at woman suffrage, and politicians have begun to dodge! It is the inevitable premonition of coming victory.


For two generations groups of women have given their lives and their fortunes to secure the vote for the sex and hundreds of thousands of other women are now giving all the time at their command. No class of men in our own or any other country has made one-tenth the effort nor sacrificed one-tenth as much for the vote.


The vote has been costly. Prize it...understand what it means and what it can do for your country.


The struggle for the vote was an effort to bring men to feel less superior and women to feel less inferior.


The woman suffrage movement in the United States was a movement of the spirit of the Revolution which was striving to hold the nation to the ideals which won independence.


The belief that we are defending the highest good of the mothers of our race and the ultimate welfare of society makes every sacrifice seem trivial, every duty a pleasure.


living for a high purpose is as honorable as dying for it.


What is prejudice? An opinion, which is not based upon reason;

a judgment, without having heard the argument; a feeling, without being able to trace from whence it came.


There is one thing no people have ever done;

that is, to oppose a threatening war with intelligent and vigorous purpose some years before it was due to arrive.


The vote is the emblem of your equality, women of America, the guarantee of your liberty.


The answer to one is the answer to all.

Government by 'the people' is expedient or it is not. If it is expedient, then obviously all the people must be included.


To the wrongs that need resistance, To the right that needs assistance, To the future in the distance, Give yourselves.