My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.

— Cary Grant

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I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became me.


There's no point in being unhappy about growing older.

Just think of the millions who have been denied the privilege.


To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you're impotent. She can't wait to disprove it.


Simplicity, to me, has always been the essence of good taste.


It is the law of life that if you are kind to someone you feel happy.

If you arecruel you are unhappy. And if you hurt someone, you will be hurt back.


I am reminded of a piece of advice my father gave me regarding shoes.

...He said it is better to buy one good pair of shoes than four cheap ones. One pair made of fine leather could outlast four inferior pairs and, if well-cared-for, would continue to proclaim your good judgment and taste no matter how old they become.


Sometimes angels rush in where fools fear to tread.


Probably no greater honor can come to any man than the respect of his colleagues.


All it takes are a few simple outfits. And there's one secret - The Simpler The Better


I think that making love is the best form of exercise.


It takes 500 small details to add up to one favorable impression.


It`s important to know where you`ve come from so that you can know where you`re going. I probably chose my profession because I was seeking approval, adulation, admiration and affection.


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You know I have about the same interest in jewelry as I have in politics, horse racing, modern poetry, and women who need weird excitement – none.


Divorce is a game played by lawyers.


We have our factory, which is called a stage.

We make a product, we color it, we title it and we ship it out in cans.


I suppose you might call me the sophisticated type. I like to act with dialogue. Not with grunts.


I have no plans to write an autobiography, I will leave that to others.

I'm sure they will turn me into a homosexual or a Nazi spy or something else.


A shot of brandy can save your life, but a bottle of brandy can kill you.


The only really good thing about acting in movies is that there's no heavy lifting.


It's better to buy one good pair of shoes than four cheap ones.


There are only seven movie stars in the world whose name alone will induce American bankers to lend money for movie productions, and the only woman on the list is Ingrid Bergman.


Nature eventually has her own way, so perhaps the best procedure is to accept what old Mother Nature or God, if you will, dictates. Accept it and you'll get along better.


I really am a happy, amusing fellow at heart. Trouble is I seem the only one left.


I've often been accused by critics of being myself on-screen.

But being oneself is more difficult than you'd suppose.


I can't bear to hear a woman talk baby talk.


Everyone tells me I've had such an interesting life, but sometimes I think it's been nothing but stomach disturbances and self-concern.


...and there I suddenly found my articulate self in a dazzling land of smiling, jostling people wearing and not wearing all sorts of costumes and doing all sorts of clever things. And that's when I knew! What other life could there be but that of an actor?


Comedy holds the greatest risk for an actor, and laughter is the reward.


Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant. Let me expand a bit. I sense that you may feel that I am free of problems. Let me assure you that I have the same anxieties and insecurities as anyone in this auditorium - maybe more.


Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.


I was a self-centered bore. I was masochistic, and only thought I was happy. When I woke up and said, "there must be something wrong with me", I grew up. Because I never understood myself, how could I hope to understand anyone else? That's why I can truly say that now I can give a woman love for the first time in my life, because I can understand her.


When people tell you how young you look, they are also telling you how old you are.


I'm a fatheaded guy, full of pain. It tore me up not having you.


I may not have married for very sound reasons, but money was the least of them.


I began by acting like the person I wanted to be, and eventually I became that person.


I'm prepared. I have a gun and I know how to shoot, and whoever comes calling without an invitation will get it in the rear end.


I acted like Cary Grant for so long that I became Cary Grant


Destiny is not necessarily what we get out of life, but rather, what we give.


I was a fat-headed guy, full of pain.


I improve on misquotation.


I'd like to have made one of those big splashy Technicolor musicals with Rita Hayworth.


Dying's tough - but not as tough as comedy.


There must be something between us, even if it's only an ocean.


If you want to be an actor, my advice is to learn your lines and don't bump into the other actors.


To write an autobiography, you've got to expose other people.

I hope to get out of this world as gracefully as possible, without embarrassing anyone.


When I'm married I want to be single, and when I'm single I want to be married.


Who is omnipotent or wise enough to decide each new standard of good taste? Or sensitivity?


We should all just smell well and enjoy ourselves more.

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