I think there's a lot more appreciation and maturity and acceptance of everyone's flaws.

— Chad Urmston

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There are so many people in pain because of the Syrian conflict.

Ten million trying to live in camps that are barely set up for three.


The caretaker needs to be taken care of, in wages and benefits.

Not enough emphasis is put on the importance of these caretakers.


I like working on the house, small carpentry stuff.

I also like working on the van. That's about as quiet as my mind gets, I think. I always loved working on the How's Your News? TV show and at Camp Jabberwocky too.


Love is giving someone everything on your plate;

saying to them that you are full when you aren't. I could be better at that. I'm pretty good at giving, but I don't say, "I'm full." My wife does that all the time with many things, and it's why I love her.