Action expresses priorities.

— Charles A. Garfield

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It takes no genius to observe that a one man band never gets very big.


A mission could be defined as an image of a desired state that you want to get to. Once fully seen, it will inspire you to act, fuel your imagination and determine your behavior.


Can you have more than one major MISSION pervading your life? NO.

That would be like coming to a fork in the road and trying to go both ways by straddling it.


Values provide perspective in the best of times and worst.


Peak performers see the ability to manage change as a necessity in fulfilling their missions.


Peak performers develop powerful mental images of the behavior that will lead to the desired results. They see in their mind's eye the result they want, and the actions leading to it.


I've discovered that numerous peak performers use the skill of mental rehearsal of visualization. They mentally run through important events before they happen.


The fact is, the difference between peak performers and everybody else are much smaller than everybody else thinks.

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