I was born in Memphis. There was music all around me, really deep and special music. I heard all these great masters at a young age.There was a great genius in my town, Phineas Newborn, who is one of the greatest pianists ever on the planet. He took me under his wings at about 9 and he put me on the right track.

— Charles Lloyd

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My music, it breathes. It's the mysticism of sound. I'm a sound seeker, and I'm enthralled with it, by what it can do to change the molecules and uplift people. They feel something when we play. I can't take authorship for that. I can take that I'm in service.


I was a time bomb waiting to detonate, burned out, sick of the music business, out of touch with everything and heavily abusing various substances, disillusioned with life, and intensely needed to work on my character. The only way I could see to do that was to withdraw completely from public life as I had known it before.


[Jazz] is a music of freedom and wonder.

It's our indigenous art form, and I'm still blessed to travel around the world and people lay out the carpet for us, so it's quite touching.


Tim Price is truly blessed - he plays music because he loves it.


All my life I'm trying to go forward and trying to grow.


I think that music makers just really bless the planet.


The youngster in me is still alive and kicking.

I was infected by music at a very young age, so it's always kept me younger than springtime.


Spirituality is a word that is bandied about a lot.

So I think it might mean different things to different people. I know that the United States of America is something of a religious country, but not necessarily a spiritual country.


I think when you love music, you love a lot of it.

Now when it comes to jazz, it's very much in the hyperions of height. You go exploring every night.