I would like for people to not be stuck by the rules of what is expected of a classical musician. If you really want to do something different, don't be afraid to do so. Think of music itself and not the rules or expectations of people.

— Charlie Albright

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I think the underlying purpose is expression.

It's not about technique, it's not about hitting the right note, writing the perfect prose, having the perfect brushstroke. It's about expression of oneself, the things around you, and the emotions. I think expression is the one word that I would use, whether it's for sorrow, tragedy, joy, or even the need to express and be heard.


I don't come from a particularly musical family.

My mother learned a bit of piano in Korea. When I was three, I apparently climbed up on our upright piano and started picking Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star out.


I actually think that many of the musicians who have something meaningful to say don't win competitions. An incredible pianist like Horowitz had so much to say, but he might not win anything in competition because of his wrong notes.


If you play it safe, middle of the road with all the right notes, you might win.

If you are unique and have too much personality, you might easily score a '0' in competition.

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