Music's not like becoming a doctor, who can walk into a community and find people who need him.

— Charlie Byrd

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That jam was so much fun that by the end of the tour, we just jammed on all of the songs.


And a musician has to learn to be frugal and to carefully manage financial affairs


We would play, then they would play a set, then we would jam on the last song.


A musician has to find a way to make his music mean something special - spiritually or however you can


I had been to São Paulo the year before and became pretty well acquainted with the music of composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, I had already started playing that music, and the audience response had been pretty good because those songs are so melodic. I knew it would be something that would be appealing; I wasn't thinking that it would make the top of the pop charts or anything like that.


A person should design the way he makes a living around how he wishes to make a life.