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If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. Chinese Proverbs

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. Chinese Proverbs

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come. Chinese Proverbs

The night hides a world, but reveals a universe. Chinese Proverbs

Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it. Chinese Proverbs

I dreamed a thousand new paths. I woke and walked my old one. Chinese Proverbs

Giving your son a skill is better than giving him one thousand pieces of gold. Chinese Proverbs

Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness. Chinese Proverbs

The journey is the reward. Chinese Proverbs

Man is the head of the family, woman the neck that turns the head. Chinese Proverbs

Beauty is the wisdom of women. Wisdom is the beauty of men. Chinese Proverbs

Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom. Chinese Proverbs

You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair. Chinese Proverbs

Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still. Chinese Proverbs

A man should choose a friend who is better than himself. There are plenty of acquaintances in the world; but very few real friends. Chinese Proverbs

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month's study of books. Chinese Proverbs

An inch of time cannot be bought with an inch of gold. Chinese Proverbs
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Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. Chinese Proverbs

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever. Chinese Proverbs

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Chinese Proverbs

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