It doesn't hurt me. I'm not governed by the fear of what other people say. Events don't elicit feelings; I think beliefs elicit feelings, and I understand what my beliefs are and I know how I am.

— Chip Kelly

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Last time I checked, there is no 'Hall of Average.'


If your expectations aren't to be the best, then... you know, nobody rises to low expectations.


Yeah, I had it all mapped out actually.

Seriously. I wrote it down. I said, 'When I'm the head coach of the Eagles, I'm going to make sure I get that guy on my team.' And then guy next to me was like, 'You're only the offensive coordinator at New Hampshire.' I said, 'Don't worry about it. Minor details. But it's going to work.'


I look for a quarterback who can run and not a running back who can throw.

I want a quarterback who can beat you with his arm. We are not a Tim Tebow type of quarterback team. I am not going to run my quarterback 20 times on power runs.


I think sometimes when you look long term, you kind of forget to take care of what you have to take care of on a daily basis. We're into short-term goals more than long-term goals.


You don’t get a trophy after halftime.

We don’t look at the scoreboard until the end of the game.


There's a lot [of coaches], and I think in this profession, none of us invented this game, we got it from someone else, and if there's an idea, there's probably never been an original idea in football.


You have to run the football and stop the run, no matter what level you play at, whether it's high school, college or professional ranks. I'm a firm believer in that.


I have some unfinished business to complete at the University of Oregon.


When I took the job in Philadelphia, we had a chance to hire a personnel guy and I hired Tom [Gamble], really from my relationship in college. When you're in college, you get to see scouts on a daily basis, and the ones you kind of hit it off with. I thought he had a great eye.


I've never had a quarterback run-driven offense.

We don't run designed plays where we snap the ball directly to the quarterback and he's just running it. If the defense is cheating and overcompensating for your running back, then the quarterback needs to keep (it) honest.


Tommy's [Gamble] an East Coast guy, so he kind of talks fast and in quick statements and phrases, so I understood him and he understood me, and we just hit it off.


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Profiles mean nothing. You could say, 'I want this,' but then it's not out there.


I'm not going to mortgage the Eagles' future for Marcus Mariota.


I don't think anybody has a ceiling. Everybody can constantly improve.


Run from being good. Chase being great.


When a warrior goes down, you pick up his shield and go play in honor of him.


Coaching is one thing and one thing only: It is creating an environment so the player has an opportunity to be successful That is your job as a coach. When you teach him to do that, get out of his way.


Everybody has the same amount of time during the day.

You can either spend your time or invest your time.


I think your goal is to win every single game you play.

... I'm not a guy that just puts a number on it and says we're going to do this, or makes a bravado statement like, "We're going to the playoffs and I guarantee it." I'm not a guy that talks about what we're going to do. I'm just, "Let's do it." And what it is is, we need to work extremely hard.


I think that's another misconception, [that] our quarterbacks run all the time.

Quarterbacks can help you in the run game, they complement what you do, but it's a running back-driven run game.


I think there's a lot of different things that factor into playing good defense, and you just can't say, "All right, if we just hold on to the ball long enough, we're going to play good defense."


Wherever you're coaching or playing right now is the Big Time

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