The mark of a good team is how it reacts when things aren't going in its favor.

— Chris Osgood

The most sentimental Chris Osgood quotes to get the best of your day

I don't doubt myself ever, but people that don't know me do.

I've been playing for 15 years, and have the most playoffs wins in Wings history for a reason, and not because I'm a bad goalie.


I've told you guys before, goalies don't think.


I used everything as a positive to make me a better person and a better player. I have no regrets. Everytime I had to play a big game, I played a big game. I used some of the skepticism as a positive and motivation.


I don't look forward to the day because I don't like to see guys get traded that I like, or other guys. I didn't want to get traded from the Islanders but then when I did, reality set in that I'd been traded. It's a wild day. It's a crazy day.