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  1. In America, with education and hard work, it really does not matter where you came from; it matters only where you are going.
  2. Self esteem comes from achievements. Not from lax standards and false praise.
  3. When somebody underestimated me, it made me want to prove them wrong.
  4. Education is of no value and talent is worthless - unless you have an unwavering aim. Never find yourself without a compass.
  5. When are we going to stop making excuses for the terrorists and saying that somebody is making them do it? No, these are simply evil people who want to kill.
  6. I didn't run for student council president. I don't see myself in any way in elected office. I love policy. I'm not particularly fond of politics.
  7. There's no greater challenge and there is no greater honor than to be in public service.
  8. Prejudice and bigotry are brought down...by the sheer force of determination of individuals to succeed and the refusal of a human being to let prejudice define the parameters of the possible.
  9. Race is a constant factor in American life. Yet reacting to every incident,real or imagined, is crippling, tiring, and ultimately counterproductive.
  10. Your passion may be hard to spot, so keep an open mind and keep searching.

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quote by Condoleezza Rice

When somebody underestimated me, it made me want to prove them wrong. — Condoleezza Rice

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  • I firmly believe you never should spend your time being the former anything.
  • We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.
  • Separation of powers is a problem for foreign policy.
  • Every good leader is part manager and every good manager is part leader.
  • My Fox guys, I love every single one of them.
  • Punish France, ignore Germany, and forgive Russia.
  • Does anybody think these people were just sitting around drinking tea?
  • It's so much a part of me that it's almost hard to describe myself in the absence of [faith].
  • I laugh almost everyday. I have a good sense of humor, so I'm always finding something funny.
  • I don't believe for a minute anybody allowed people to suffer because they are African Americans.

Condoleezza Rice Quotes On Leadership

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Truly remarkable leadership is not just about motivating others to follow, it's about inspiring them to become leaders themselves and setting the stage for even greater opportunities for future generations. — Condoleezza Rice

You know, I've never believed, in anything, that you had to have role models who looked like you to do something. If I'd been waiting for a black, female, soviet specialist role model, I'd be still waiting. — Condoleezza Rice

Leading in a complex world means recognizing the simple things you can do to make things better. — Condoleezza Rice

Everywhere that I go in the world, people desperately look to American leadership in all of their world's most difficult problems. You can look at any region of the world and the United States is still the country to which those regions look for leadership. — Condoleezza Rice

The United States is willing to exert strong leadership to give diplomacy its very best chance to succeed. — Condoleezza Rice

We needed to go back on the offense and offer clear leadership on Iraq. — Condoleezza Rice

I talked about the need for American leadership, I talked about the importance of the United States to a more peaceful world, a world that has been quite turbulent in recent years, and needs a strong American anchor. — Condoleezza Rice

Everybody in the world is capable of democratic development. Some people in the world are unlucky enough to get stuck with really bad political leadership and with really bad political institutions. — Condoleezza Rice

The first step for a leader is to be right with yourself. Integrity is the basis of leadership. — Condoleezza Rice

America's still a very, very powerful symbol and a very important place of leadership for the world. — Condoleezza Rice

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We can't live true to our set of values unless American educational system is strong. I really believe that if we don't get that right we will not compete because we won't believe that our people can compete, and we'll turn inward. We won't lead. That will be bad for the world. — Condoleezza Rice

Education is transformational. It changes lives. That is why people work so hard to become educated and why education has always been the key to the American Dream, the force that erases arbitrary divisions of race and class and culture and unlocks every person's God-given potential. — Condoleezza Rice

If I can look at your zip code and I can tell whether you're going to get a good education, we've got a real problem. — Condoleezza Rice

Unless we improve our ability to provide a quality education for underprivileged kids, we're not going to really overcome in a massive way our past. — Condoleezza Rice

The best armor against everything around you is to be well educated, to work hard, to be twice as good as if you had to be, to do languages and culture better. — Condoleezza Rice

It is a dangerous thing to ask why someone else has been given more. It is humbling - and indeed healthy - to ask why you have been given so much. — Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice Quotes On Life

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Life is full of surprises and and serendipity. Being open to unexpected turns in the road is an important part of success. If you try to plan every step, you may miss those wonderful twists and turns. Just find your next adventure-do it well, enjoy it-and then, not now, think about what comes next. — Condoleezza Rice

I've found my place in life, that I'm passionate about, my talents and my passion have merged, and I'm trying to do the best that I can. — Condoleezza Rice

I know that people look at my life and ask, "How can I achieve some of those things?" So, I suppose in that sense, yes, I'm a role model. But I try to think of myself more as a mentor, as somebody who I hope young people feel comfortable approaching or writing to. — Condoleezza Rice

I've never really been a workaholic. I work very hard, but I also enjoy playing. I think it's important to have a balanced and well-rounded life. — Condoleezza Rice

I've speculated about what my life might have been like as a musician, but I'm afraid I came to the conclusion that I probably would've either been teaching piano or maybe gotten to play at Nordstrom's department store. — Condoleezza Rice

Every life is capable of greatness. — Condoleezza Rice

I'm happy and content in my life, and I chalk that up to wonderful parents and a wonderful God. — Condoleezza Rice

I believe in having a private life. — Condoleezza Rice

I never found anybody I wanted to spend my life with. People say, "Didn't you want to get married?" Well, sure, but it's not abstract, there has to be someone you want to marry. I'm pretty traditional. Marriage would have to come first, before kids. — Condoleezza Rice

I've been an athlete all my life. I was a competitive figure skater, and then when I realized skating was not an adult sport I took up tennis and played that quite seriously from the time I was about 18. — Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice Quotes On Diplomatic

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I think my father thought I might be president of the United States. I think he would've been satisfied with secretary of state. I'm a foreign policy person and to have a chance to serve my country as the nation's chief diplomat at a time of peril and consequence, that was enough. — Condoleezza Rice

There are many other arrows in our diplomatic quiver. — Condoleezza Rice

We can't afford to let the international community and the world lose faith in the diplomatic track. — Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice Quotes On Security

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It has been, after all, 11 years, more than a decade now, of defiance of U.N. resolutions by Saddam Hussein. Every obligation that he signed onto after the Gulf War, so that he would not be a threat to peace and security, he has ignored and flaunted. — Condoleezza Rice

I don't think anybody can take the word of Saddam Hussein and his regime, and certainly an American president and allies who are obligated to worry about the safety and security of our countries, cannot take the word of this dictator, who lies, pathologically lies. — Condoleezza Rice

NATO is built on security, but it's also built on values. — Condoleezza Rice

it is a longstanding principle that sitting national security advisers do not testify before the Congress. — Condoleezza Rice

When diplomacy has been exhausted, the Security Council must become involved. Questions about Iran's nuclear activities remain unanswered, despite repeated efforts by the IAEA. — Condoleezza Rice

There's no doubt that it's still a dangerous place, Afghanistan. The fortunate thing is that the United States was helping to provide security for Chairman Karzai. And it shows that the United States is committed to that regime. — Condoleezza Rice

We are at war, and our security as a nation depends on winning that war. — Condoleezza Rice

Today's headlines and history's judgment are rarely the same. If you are too attentive to the former, you will most certainly not do the hard work of securing the latter. — Condoleezza Rice

Ultimately, we didn't go to Germany to create a democracy. We went to overthrow Adolf Hitler. But once a democracy was there, Germany was a much bigger supporter of and help to our national interests, both economic and security than had ever been before. — Condoleezza Rice

Working very closely with the Department of Homeland Security to match up what is available with what is needed. — Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice Quotes On Nation

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The essence of America - that which really unites us - is not ethnicity, or nationality or religion - it is an idea - and what an idea it is: That you can come from humble circumstances and do great things. — Condoleezza Rice

Well, there's been plenty of ultimatums, and one thing that we better be very clear is that we can't continue to have the kind of defiance of the United Nations, the defiance of the international community that we've had. — Condoleezza Rice

We've got to get back to a sense of an American identity, and that identity is not nationality or religion or ethnicity. It is a particular idea, and that idea is that you should live in liberty and you should be able to pursue happiness. — Condoleezza Rice

I'm a great believer in the fact that as you get to know someone, it matters not what religious background they have, or what their nationality is, or where they came from. And I think that's how Americans really do relate to each other on a personal level. — Condoleezza Rice

I'm a committed Republican. I believe very strongly in individual liberty. I tend not to think much in terms of group politics. I really am a kind of small government person and I'm most certainly a fiscal conservative and strong on national defense. — Condoleezza Rice

For the United States, supporting international development is more than just an expression of our compassion. It is a vital investment in the free, prosperous, and peaceful international order that fundamentally serves our national interest. — Condoleezza Rice

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The first Republican I knew was my father and he is still the Republican I most admire. He joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote. The Republicans did. My father has never forgotten that day, and neither have I. — Condoleezza Rice

quote by Condoleezza Rice

When somebody underestimated me, it made me want to prove them wrong. — Condoleezza Rice

Our work has only begun. In our time we have an historic opportunity to shape a global balance of power that favors freedom and that will therefore deepen and extend the peace. And I use the word power broadly, because even more important than military and indeed economic power is the power of ideas, the power of compassion, and the power of hope. — Condoleezza Rice

I remember classes in college where the professor was espousing certain theories about how blacks were inherently less intelligent. But I learned a long time ago to give people the benefit of the doubt, not to assume that somebody was reacting to you because of race. — Condoleezza Rice

Well, there are many things, whenever you look back, that you would've done differently. We're all human. We do our best at the time. I really wish that we had passed a comprehensive immigration bill because that would've really helped our country. We came close, but we couldn't. — Condoleezza Rice

Human beings are not perfect. Their institutions are not perfect, but they have to keep trying. And America has to help people keep trying. — Condoleezza Rice

When I went off to college, I was expecting to be a concert musician. In music school I heard all of these kids who were just unbelievable. And I understand that you can be very, very good, but there's something that separates very, very good from great, and I knew that I wasn't great. — Condoleezza Rice

This is not 1968 and the invasion of Czechoslovakia, where Russia can threaten its neighbors, occupy a capital, overthrow a government, and get away with it. Things have changed. — Condoleezza Rice

I'm saying there is no way that I will do this, because it's really not me. I know my strengths, and governor Romney needs to find someone who wants to run with him. There are many people who will do it very, very well, and I'll support the ticket. — Condoleezza Rice

So I think, if September 11 taught us anything, it taught us that we're vulnerable, and vulnerable in ways that we didn't fully understand. — Condoleezza Rice

I was born in segregated Birmingham, Alabama. I didn't have a white classmate till we moved to Denver. — Condoleezza Rice

The problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly Saddam can acquire nuclear weapons. But we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. — Condoleezza Rice

Once a month I play with a chamber music quartet. I play almost no solo music anymore because I so enjoy the interaction. The members of my quartet have become some of my best friends and so I really enjoy it now in ways that I didn't before. — Condoleezza Rice

The pursuit by the Iranian regime of nuclear weapons represents a direct threat to the entire international community, including to the United States and to the Persian Gulf region. — Condoleezza Rice

This is the democratic process at work, What you're seeing with this process is the Iraqi people embracing American-style democracy. — Condoleezza Rice

Now, al Qaeda's on the run. Afghanistan is no longer a base of operations. The Afghan government is a friendly government that is trying to bring democracy to its people. — Condoleezza Rice

The U.S. has since the end of World War II had an answer - we stand for free peoples and free markets, we are willing to support and defend them - we will sustain a balance of power that favors freedom. — Condoleezza Rice

Most of the people who were responsible for 9/11 are now in custody or have been killed. But there are others, and they plot and they plan, and they hope to pull it off again. And while we have to be right 100 percent of the time, they only have to be right once. So there's no way to overreact to that. — Condoleezza Rice

My parents elected me president of the family when I was 4. We actually had an election every year and I always won. I'm an only child, and I could count on my mother's vote. — Condoleezza Rice

There was no silver bullet that could have prevented the 11 September attacks. There was nothing demonstrating or showing that something was coming in the United States. If there had been something, we would have acted on it. — Condoleezza Rice

To see an African-American elected president means that this country is really finally coming full circle from the birth defect of slavery. — Condoleezza Rice

When people see the terrible scenes of violence on television, when we mourn the death of each and every American man and woman in uniform or a civilian that's killed in Iraq, that it's hard to see the progress that's being made and it's hard to believe that this is all going to come out for the better. — Condoleezza Rice

...if you are overdressed, it is a comment on them. If you are under dressed, it is a comment on you. — Condoleezza Rice

There clearly are contacts between al Qaeda and Iraq that can be documented; there clearly is testimony that some of the contacts have been important contacts and that there's a relationship here — Condoleezza Rice

But I want to just caution, it is not incumbent on the United States to prove that Saddam Hussein is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. He's already demonstrated that he's trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction. — Condoleezza Rice

You do have to keep in mind as you're going through extraordinarily difficult circumstances, that if you stay true, true to your values, if you stay true to your principles, if you believe in these values, then you can work in that context to right policies that may not be working. — Condoleezza Rice

Democracy is the most realistic way for diverse peoples to resolve their differences, and share power, and heal social divisions without violence or repression. — Condoleezza Rice

When I said I had always hoped to marry in my race, I really do mean that. That doesn't mean I absolutely wouldn't marry outside of it, but there's a culture and traditions to maintain, and I have great pride in them, and I always thought it would be wonderful to share that with somebody of my race. — Condoleezza Rice

Any time you have a situation in which you are calling for more time rather than calling for Iraq to immediately comply, it plays into the hands of Saddam Hussein. — Condoleezza Rice

I really wish that we had passed a comprehensive immigration bill because that would've really helped our country. — Condoleezza Rice

When you're in government, of course, you have protection and you have people who are looking out for your wellbeing, but you can't live in a state of fear. If you do, you're not going to do your job very well and you're going to give yourself high blood pressure, which probably isn't worth it. — Condoleezza Rice

I do think people have suggested that it would be a good thing if the reporting were accurate on Al-Jazeera and if it were not slanted in ways that appear to be at times just purely inaccurate. — Condoleezza Rice

I really believe that you can. Not only do I think it is a part of public service to help young people find their way, just as professors had helped me find mine, but I've been very involved in K-12 education issues. I started a program back in 1992 called the Center for a New Generation, an afterschool enrichment program. — Condoleezza Rice

We're all products of our environment, and I suspect that strength of will - the feeling, "I'm going to be able to do whatever you put in front of me" - is honed in an environment where not everything is easy. Ironically, growing up in that environment, you don't have a sense of aggrievement or entitlement. You just have a sense of overcoming. — Condoleezza Rice

It is high time that the international community tell Saddam Hussein and his regime that this is not an issue of negotiation with the U.N. about obligations that they undertook in 1991. — Condoleezza Rice

I don't like anything that's "just an escape." To me the best part of golf is that, unlike my tennis game, I can actually get better. I've probably reached my plateau in tennis, but in golf I have a lot of room for improvement. I really enjoy working on my game. I like practicing. I chart my rounds. — Condoleezza Rice

U.S. officials never expected that 'we were going to open garages and find' weapons of mass destruction. — Condoleezza Rice

We need to fight protectionism with everything that we have because when there's a level playing field and when you have open markets and when free trade is flourishing, American workers, American farmers, Americans are going to benefit. — Condoleezza Rice

But in terms of Saddam Hussein being there, let's remember that his country is divided, in effect. He does not control the northern part of his country. We are able to keep arms from him. His military forces have not been rebuilt. — Condoleezza Rice

Spirituality and faith are at the core of who I am. I was born to deeply religious parents who were able to give me that rock solid foundation in the church and in my faith which really has served me so well. — Condoleezza Rice

My job is to try to advance American foreign policy, to try to advance the president's agenda on democracy and human rights. — Condoleezza Rice

We need a common enemy to unite us. — Condoleezza Rice

It's so much a part of me that it's almost hard to describe myself in the absence of it. I know that for me it means asking for guidance, and that in the toughest times there's a personal savior that I can rely on. And I'm very grateful to my parents for giving me that. — Condoleezza Rice

Success is not assured, but America is resolute: this is the best chance for peace we are likely to see for some years to come - and we are acting to help Israelis and Palestinians seize this chance. — Condoleezza Rice

The United States has been very clear that we did have to have some political basis to make clear that that cessation of hostilities was not going to countenance a return to the status quo ante. This resolution does that. And now we're going to see who is for peace and who isn't. — Condoleezza Rice

When you’re young, your world is pretty limited. My parents, my family, my church dominated my world. And because Birmingham was so segregated, I didn’t really have to encounter the slings and arrows of racism on a daily basis. Obviously, from time to time I did, like when my parents took me to see Santa Claus and he wasn’t letting black children sit on his knee. But my parents tried to insulate me as much as they could. — Condoleezza Rice

If the strong exploit the weak, democracy will not be stable. — Condoleezza Rice

I think it's very humble to believe that there is no man, woman or child who should live in tyranny. That people who say, well, maybe Arabs just aren't ready for democracy or maybe Africans just are going to have corrupt governments, that seems to me arrogant. — Condoleezza Rice

What we will not wait for is that particular nexus of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction that is extremism, and the technology to come together in a way that is harmful to the United States. — Condoleezza Rice

We're in a new world. We're in a world in which the possibility of terrorism, married up with technology, could make us very, very sorry that we didn't act. — Condoleezza Rice

We have important things to talk to the Russians about, despite their meddling in our elections. I hope they're talking about a way to eventually end this horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria, end that war. The Russians have more leverage than we do. I hope they're talking about the fact that, if Kim Jong-un's long-range missiles can reach Alaska one day, they can also reach Vladivostok. — Condoleezza Rice

We have our differences with Russia. And some of those differences produce conflict. But by no means is this the Soviet Union. We have far more areas of cooperation with Russia than we have areas of conflict. — Condoleezza Rice

American national security and American economic interests, of course - every president, every secretary of state - that is the primary goal. As you are in this job and in the work, you begin to see, though, that in the long run, both American economic interests and American national security are better served when there are other decent countries in the world who are both your allies and even when your adversaries are acting more decently. — Condoleezza Rice

What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow, but not what you did yesterday. — Condoleezza Rice

What I tell student athletes is first of all, you've made good choices this far in order to be able to be in college and to be an athlete. Keep making good choices. — Condoleezza Rice

You never cede control of your own ability to be successful to something called racism. — Condoleezza Rice

To say that people around the world deserve the same, the same life that we have in the United States, the same freedoms that we have, that seems to me, humble. I think it's humble to say that the United States, which has been given so much, should give back. — Condoleezza Rice

At no time did I intend to, or do I believe that I did put forward false information to the American people. — Condoleezza Rice

I'm very proud that President [George W.] Bush took on AIDS relief. It was the largest single response by any country to a major international health crisis, and there are millions of people who are alive today in Africa and other developing countries because of that program. — Condoleezza Rice

I feel that we're dividing along class lines for the first time in our history. Now one thing that has happened in this reaction to globalization is that the elites are not respectful of the values of those who are ordinary citizens, so we seem to be dividing ourselves into ever-smaller identity groups, each with its own narrative, each with its own grievance, and that's a problem. — Condoleezza Rice

I think that the United States has always been most effective when it is leading both from power and principle. — Condoleezza Rice

In light of 50 years of bondage of Eastern Europe, [invading the Soviet Union in 1948 to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons] was probably a reasonable thing to do. — Condoleezza Rice

You know, life is not one in which you just get to choose the things every day that come easily to you. And it's also true - and this is the self-esteem problem - you learn that there are people who are better at things than you are. — Condoleezza Rice

It was actually fun to write [memoir], because I went back to interview people my parents had taught or who had worked with them, and I learned a lot about them that I hadn't known. — Condoleezza Rice

Great leaders never accept the world as it was and always work for the world as it should be — Condoleezza Rice

Power is nothing unless you can turn it into influence. — Condoleezza Rice

It's important to Russia to be able to attract capital and to attract technology to develop their oil fields, their oil and gas fields, many of which suffer from lack of access to the very best technologies. And it's also important, and this has been the US government's view to have diversification of supply, diversification of supply roots and, of course, diversification in terms of alternative energy. — Condoleezza Rice

Even when you cherish democratic ideals, it is never easy to turn them into effective democratic institutions. This process will take decades. — Condoleezza Rice

A lot is being done to bring additional protective measures, particularly the critical infrastructure locations around the United States, ... There is a very active ... program of coordination on this particular period of time with both public and private entities and at the federal, state and local levels. — Condoleezza Rice

You have to have a strong sense of your values and a strong sense of who you are, because there are a lot of events and a lot of people who will pull you in this direction or that direction. — Condoleezza Rice

Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of our time... — Condoleezza Rice

Life Lessons by Condoleezza Rice

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  1. Condoleezza Rice's work demonstrates the importance of being an advocate for yourself and your beliefs, no matter the obstacles.
  2. She also shows that it is possible to achieve success through hard work, dedication, and resilience.
  3. Finally, Rice's example highlights the power of collaboration and compromise in order to achieve a greater good.

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