I was a gorilla boxer. I had a full gorilla suit on with boxing gloves. I had an amateur belt on. No one knew that it was me in the costume and I was going into stores and scaring people and boxing on them. It was fun.

— Daniel Jacobs

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I love scary movies. I like American Horror Story. That is more of a series, but it is really good.


I think waking up in the middle of the night and seeing stuff in the dark and thinking it is something scary or demonic. When you first wake up and you see things and you're eyes aren't open and things aren't what they seem. That happened to me like three weeks ago!


Anybody can be hurt. This is boxing.


Anytime I am spending time with my son.

We went to a theme party recently and it was Toy Story. He was Buzz Lightyear, I was Woody and his mom dressed like Woody's wife.


Candy corn. For Halloween that is my favorite candy, but it doesn't come around that often and I like that.


I'm a fighter through and through. I don't fear any person and to go inside that ring with a feared mentality, why even go inside the ring?

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