From the animist point of view, humans belong in a sacred place because they themselves are sacred. Not sacred in a special way, not more sacred than anything else, but merely as sacred as anything else -- as sacred as bison or salmon or crows or crickets or bears or sunflowers.

— Daniel Quinn

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The people who are horrified by the idea of children learning what they want to learn when they want to learn it have not accepted the very elementary psychological fact that people (all people, of every age) remember the things that are important to them - the things they need to know - and forget the rest.


Indigenous people believe that Man belongs to the World;

civilized people believe that the World belongs to Man.


You're captives of a civilizational system that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to live. … You are captives—and you have made a captive of the world itself. That's what's at stake, isn't it?—your captivity and the captivity of the world.


Don't try to drive the homeless into places we find suitable.

Help them survive in places they find suitable.


The world must live. We are only one species among billions. The gods don't love us any more than they love spiders or bears or whales or water lilies.


Everyone in your culture knows this. Man was born to turn the world into paradise, but tragically he was born flawed. And so his paradise has always been spoiled by stupidty, greed, destructiveness, and shortsightedness.


TEACHER seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.


From infancy onward, children are the most fantastic learners in the world.


Increasing food production to feed an increased population results in yet another increase in population.


Blessed are those who do whatever they can wherever they are, for no one is devoid of resources or opportunities.


We're not destroying the world because we're clumsy.

We're destroying the world because we are, in a very literal and deliberate way, at war with it.


I didn't want a guru or a kung fu master or a spiritual director.

I didn't want to become a sorcerer or learn the zen of archery or meditate or align my chakras or uncover mast incarnations...I was after something else entirely, but it wasn't in the Yellow Pages or anywhere else that I could discover.


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And in spite of all the mastery we've attained, we don't have enough mastery to stop devastating the world, or to repair the devastation we've already wrought.


What is crucial to your survival as a race is not the redistribution of power and wealth within the prison but rather the destruction of the prison itself.


You shouldn't have to settle for rabbits if what you want is deer


Many of the biggest and most far-reaching investments we make in our lives are investments that have little or nothing to do with money.


There is a difference between the inmates of your criminal prisons and the inmates of your cultural prison: The former understand that the distribution of wealth and power inside the prison had nothing to do with justice.


All paths lie together in the hand of god like a web endlessly woven, and yours and mine are no greater or less than the beetle's or the squirrel's or the sparrow's. All are held together.


A castaway in the sea was going down for the third time when he caught sight of a passing ship. Gathering his last strength, he waved frantically and called for help. Someone on board peered at him scornfully and shouted back, "Get a boat!


Pity is always twinged with disgust.


The obvious can sometimes be illuminating when perceived in an unhabitual way.


Yes,I'm afraid you're right. Trial and error isn't a bad way to learn how to build an aircraft,but it can be a disastrous way to learn how to build a civilization.


Karl Marx recognized that workers without a choice are workers in chains.

But his idea of breaking chains was for us to depose the pharaohs and then build the pyramids for ourselves, as if building pyramids is something we just can't stop doing, we love it so much.


The world of the Takers is one vast prison, and except for a handful of Leavers scattered across the world, the entire human race is now inside that prison.


....he began to speak to me, not in the jocular way of visitors to the menagerie but rather as one speaks to the wind or to the waves crashing on a beach, uttering that which must be said but which must not be heard by anyone.


The premise of the Taker story is 'the world belongs to man'.

… The premise of the Leaver story is 'man belongs to the world'.


But we're not humanity, we're just one culture - one culture out of hundreds of thousands that have lived their vision on this planet and sung their song. If it were humanity that needed changing, then we'd be out of luck. But it isn't humanity that needs changing, it's


I hope it will not be too long before the technologies that support our population explosion begin to be perceived as no less hazardous to the future of life on this planet than the endless production of radioactive wastes.


In fact, of course, there is no secret knowledge;

no one knows anything that can't be found on a shelf in the public library.


The deer aren't our prey or our possessions -- they're us.

They're us at one point in the cycle of life and we're them at another point in the cycle. The deer are twice your parents, for your mother and father are deer, and the deer that gave you its life today was mother and father to you as well, since you wouldn't be here if it weren't for that deer.


But why? Why do you need prophets to tell you how you ought to live? Why do you need anyone to tell you how you ought to live


The sign stopped me-- or rather, this text stopped me.

Words are my profession; I seized these and demanded that they explain themselves, that they cease to be ambiguous.


Lies are like sleeping pills. You should only use them when you absolutely have to. They spoil everything if you make a habit of them.


What's normal is for things to work. What's not normal is for things to fail.


When you send off a short story, it sits on the editor's desk in the same pile with stories by the most famous and honored names in present-day writing-and it's not going to be accepted unless it's as good as theirs. (And it'll probably have to be better.)


The world is not going to survive very much longer as humanity's captive.


five severed fingers do not make a hand


Courage is the virtue of the free.


People will listen when they're ready to listen and not before.

Don't waste time with people who want to argue. They'll keep you immobilized forever. Look for people who are already open to something new.


[Y]our agricultural revolution is not an event like the Trojan War, isolated in the distant past and without relevance to your lives today. The work begun by those neolithic farmers in the Near East has been carried forward from one generation to the next without a single break, right into the present moment. It's the foundation of your vast civilization today in exactly the same way that it was the foundation of the very first farming village.


That evening I went for a walk. To walk for the sake of walking is something I seldom do. Inside my apartment I'd felt inexplicably anxious. I needed to talk to someone. to be reassured or perhaps I needed to confess my sin: I was once again having impure thoughts about saving the world. Or it was neither of these - I was afraid I was dreaming.


May the forests be with you and with your children.


I have amazing news for you. Man is not alone on this planet. He is part of a community, upon which he depends absolutely.


Man's destiny was to conquer and rule the world, and this is what he's done.

. almost. He hasn't quite made it, and it looks as though this may be his undoing. The problem is that man's conquest of the world has itself devastated the world. And in spite of all the mastery we've attained, we don't have enough mastery to stop devastating the world.. or to repair the devastation we've already wrought.


No story is devoid of meaning ... If you know how to look for it.


Our schools are much like our prisons: they disappoint us because they only do what they're designed to do, and it annoys us that they don't do something else!


Children don't need learning. They need access to what they want to learn outside the home.


No one species shall make the life of the world its own.

' … That's one expression of the law. Here's another: 'The world was not made for any one species.


The mythology of your culture hums in your ears so constantly that no one pays the slightest bit of attention to it. Of course man is conquering space and the atom and the deserts and the oceans and the elements. According to your mythology, this is what he was BORN to do.