A new breed of Americans born out of the social movements of the 60s and grown into a majority in the 70s holds a set of values so markedly different from the traditional outlook that they promise to transform the character of work in America in the 80s.

— Daniel Yankelovich

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Americans are quite skeptical about the goal of promoting democracy.

People feel it's a desirable goal, but, from a commonsense point of view, both Republicans and Democrats have come to the conclusion that democracy is something that countries can only come to on their own.


More than seven out of 10 people have found The Landmark Forum to be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. To me, this suggests that The Landmark Forum addresses many of people’s most profound concerns how to improve their personal and professional relationships, how to be a more effective person, how to think productively about their life and goals.


Today, cultural and legal changes mean that individuals expect and demand a voice in decisions that affect their lives and often they have the power to undermine those decisions if they aren't allow their voice.


Employee participation programs and employee ownership are important efforts to deal with powerlessness at work.


The act of collaboration must start with dialogue.

You cannot build relationships without having an understanding of your potential partners, and you cannot achieve that understanding without a special form of communication that goes beyond ordinary conversation.