Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.

— David Lloyd George

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What is our task? To make Britain a fit country for heroes to live in.


We are fighting Germany, Austria and drink, and as far as I can see, the greatest of these three deadly foes is drink.


There is nothing so fatal to character as half finished tasks.


Four specters haunt the Poor -- Old Age, Accident, Sickness and Unemployment.

We are going to exorcise them. We are going to drive hunger from the hearth. We mean to banish the workhouse from the horizon of every workman in the land.


The world is becoming like a lunatic asylum run by lunatics.


The man who tries to make the flag an object of a single party is a greater traitor to that flag than any man who fires at it.


A politician is a person with whose politics you don't agree;

if you agree with him he's a statesman.


He has sat on the fence so long that the iron has entered his soul.


Diplomats were invented simply to waste time.


No democracy has ever long survived the failure of its adherents to be ready to die for it. My own conviction is this, the people must either go on or go under.


Anything can be achieved in small, deliberate steps.

But there are times you need the courage to take a great leap; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.


What do you want to be a sailor for? There are greater storms in politics than you will ever find at sea. Piracy, broadsides, blood on the decks. You will find them all in politics.


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Four specters haunt the poor - old age, accident, sickness and unemployment


Lucidity of speech is unquestionably one of the surest tests of mental precision...In my experience a confused talker is never a clear thinker.


Peace must be framed on so equitable a basis, that the nations would not wish to disturb it . . . so that the confidence of the German people shall be put in the equity of their cause and not in the might of their armies.


The League of Nations is the greatest humbug in history.

They cannot even protect a little nation like Armenia. They do nothing but pass useless resolutions.


Doctinaires are the vultures of principle. They feed upon principle after it is dead.


With me a change of trouble is as good as a vacation.


Once blood is shed in a national quarrel reason and right are swept aside by the rage of angry men.


The nations slithered over the brink into the boiling cauldron of war without any trace of apprehension or dismay... The nations backed their machines over the precipice not one of them wanted war, certainly not on this scale


Independent thinking is not encouraged in a professional Army.

It is a form of mutiny. Obedience is the supreme virtue.


The most dangerous thing in the world is to try to leap a chasm in two jumps.


A fully equipped duke costs as much to keep up as two Dreadnoughts, and dukes are just as great a terror -- and they last longer.


The government are behaving like a bevy of maiden aunts who have fallen among buccaneers.


You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.


By thetest of our faith thehighest standard ofcivilization is the readiness to sacrifice for others.


Golf is the only game where the worst player gets the best of it.

He obtains more out of it as regards both exercise and enjoyment, for the good player gets worried over the slightest mistake, whereas the poor player makes too many mistakes to worry about them.


Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.


Liberty is not merely a privilege to be conferred; it is a habit to be acquired.


He [Hitler] is a very great man. "Fuhrer" is the proper name for him, for he is a born leader, yes, and statesman.


Hitler is a prodigious genius.


Unemployment, with its injustice for the man who seeks and thirsts for employment, who begs for labour and cannot get it, and who is punished for failure he is not responsible for by the starvation of his children--that torture is something that private enterprise ought to remedy for its own sake.


[Proportional representation is a] device for defeating democracy, the principle of which was that the majority should rule, and for bringing faddists of all kinds into Parliament, and establishing groups and disintegrating parties.


Of all the bigotries that savage the human temper there is none so stupid as the anti-Semitic.


The stern hand of fate has scourged us to an elevation where we can see the great everlasting things which matter for a nation -- the great peaks we had forgotten, of Honor, Duty, Patriotism, and clad in glittering white, the great pinnacle of Sacrifice pointing like a rugged finger to Heaven.


Aristrocracy is like cheese. The older it is the higher it becomes.


There is nothing more dangerous than to leap a chasm in two jumps.


You get to know more of the character of a man in a round of golf than in six months of political experience.


The Bolshevists would blow up the fabric with high explosive, with horror.

Others would pull down with the crowbars and with cranks--especially with cranks. . . . Sweating, slums, the sense of semi-slavery in labour, must go. We must cultivate a sense of manhood by treating men as men.


Wild men, screaming through the keyholes.


[Lloyd George] said that Harding's speech on American naval aspirations made him feel that he would pawn his shirt rather than allow America to dominate the seas. If this was to be the outcome of the League of Nations propaganda, he was sorry for the world and in particular for America.


Don't be afraid to take a big step. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.


The finest eloquence is that which gets things done; the worst is that which delays them.


The home front is always underrated by Generals in the field.

And yet that is where the Great War was won and lost. The Russian, Bulgarian, Austrian and German home fronts fell to pieces before their armies collapsed.


Liberty has restraints but no frontiers.


God has chosen little nations as the vessels by which He carries His choicest wines to the lips of humanity to rejoice their hearts, to exalt their vision, to strengthen their faith, and if we had stood by when two little nations [Belgium and Serbia] were being crushed and broken by the brutal hands of barbarians, our shame would have rung down the everlasting ages.


Explain to me again the difference between superstitious beliefs or pagan incantations, and scientific ones. Be braver - you cannot cross a chasm in two small jumps.


If you want to understand a subject promise to speak on it.


There is no greater mistake than to try to leap an abyss in two jumps.

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