The functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion and empathy.

— Dean Koontz

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The whisper of the dusk is night shedding its husk.


Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer.


Only once in a generation does anything as fresh as a vomiting detective come along.


Nothing is worse than being alone on the evening of the day when one's cow has exploded.


Most people tend to think the best of those who are blessed with beauty;

we have difficulty imagining that physical perfection can conceal twisted emotions or a damaged mind.


Some people think only intellect counts: knowing how to solve problems, knowing how to get by, knowing how to identify an advantage and seize it. But the functions of intellect are insufficient without courage, love, friendship, compassion, and empathy.


Any drunk who has tried to put his car where a lamppost stands is a self-educated physicist.


The selfless love that we give to others, to the point of being willing to sacrifice our lives for them, is all the proof I need that human beings are not mere animals of self-interest. We carry within us a divine spark, and if we chose to recognize it, our lives have dignity, meaning, hope.


Even in the darkest moments, light exists if you have the faith to see it.

Fear is a poison produced by the mind, and courage is the antidote stored always in the soul. In misfortune lies the seed of future triumph.


Given my heritage and the ordeal of my childhood, I sometimes wonder why I myself am not insane. Maybe I am.


Anger is a violent emotion, vindictive, and as dangerous to he who is driven by it as to anyone on whom it is turned.


Doubt is poison. It leads to a loss of faith in yourself, and in all that's good and true.


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Cowards shrink from toil and peril, Vulgar souls attempt and fail;

Men of mettle, nothing daunted, Persevere till they prevail.


The most identifying trait of humanity is our abilty to be inhumane to one another.


Hope is the destination that we seek.

Love is the road that leads to hope. Courage is the motor that drives us. We travel out of darkness into faith.


Human beings can always be relied upon to exert, with vigor, their God-given right to be stupid.


We are buried when we're born. The world is a place of graves occupied and graves potential. Life is what happens while we wait for our appointment with the mortician.


Sometimes, life seems to have a higher meaning.

Events unfold in uncanny sequences. Long-forgotten acquaintances turn up with news that changes lives. A stranger appears and speaks a few words of wisdom, solving a previously insoluble problem, or something in a recent dream transpires in reality. Suddenly the existence of God seems confirmed.


Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.


Humanity is a parade of fools, and I am at the front of it, twirling a baton.


Those who wish to punish the current and future generations for the inequities of a generation long gone, and who equate justice with revenge, are the most dangerous people in the world.


I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life.


In the belly of Leviathan ... one can either despair and perish, or be cheerful and persevere.


Time doesn’t, as advertised, heal all wounds.

Although the wrenching immediacy of grief eventually passed, the settled sorrow that replaced it might in its own way be even more intense.


A scar is not always a flaw. Sometimes a scar may be redemption inscribed in the flesh, a memorial to something endured, to something lost.


When you have dogs, you witness their uncomplaining acceptance of suffering, their bright desire to make the most of life in spite of the limitations of age and disease, their calm awareness of the approaching end when their final hours come. They accept death with a grace that I hope I will one day be brave enough to muster.


If we were always conscious of the fact that people precious to us are frighteningly mortal, hanging not even by a thread, but by a wisp of gossamer, perhaps we would be kinder to them and more grateful for the love and friendship they give to us.


The human imagination may be the most elastic thing in the universe, stretching to encompass the millions of dreams that in centuries of relectless struggle built modern civilization, to entertain the endless doubts that hamper every human enterprise, and to conceive the vast menagerie of boogeymen that trouble every human heart.


No one can grant you happiness. Happiness is a choice we all have the power to make.


Hope, however, isn't all that's needed to achieve change.

Hope is a hand extended, but two hands are required to be pulled out of this deep hole. The second hand was faith.


Like all of us in this storm between birth and death, I can wreak no great changes on the world, only small changes for the better, I hope, in the lives of those I love.


Faced with the challenge of an endless universe, Man will be forced to mature further, just as the Neanderthal-faced with an entire planet-had no choice but to grow away from the tradition of savagery.


We have a responsibility to stand watch over one another, we are watchers, all of us, watchers, guarding against the darkness.


We are all the walking wounded in a world that is a war zone.

Everything we love will be taken from us, everything, last of all life itself. Yet everywhere I look, I find great beauty in this battlefield, and grace and the promise of joy.


In self-defense and in defense of the innocent, cowardice is the only sin.


Writing isn't a source of pain. It's psychic chemotherapy. It reduces your psychological tumors and relieves your pain.


Evil is no faceless stranger, living in a distant neighborhood.

Evil has a wholesome, hometown face, with merry eyes and an open smile. Evil walks among us, wearing a mask which looks like all our faces.


Fate isn’t one straight road…there are forks in it, many different routes to different ends. We have the free will to choose the path.


Life had not taught me to distrust ministers, but it had taught me to trust no one more than dogs.


The opportunity to love a dog and to treat it with kindness is an opportunity for a lost and selfish heart to be redeemed. They are powerless and innocent, and it is how we treat the humblest among us that surely determines the fate of our souls


The destruction that barbarians leave behind has a grim fascination, doesn't it? We're reminded how thin is the veneer of civilization.


No one's life should be rooted in fear.

We are born for wonder, for joy, for hope, for love, to marvel at the mystery of existence, to be ravished by the beauty of the world, to seek truth and meaning, to acquire wisdom, and by our treatment of others to brighten the corner where we are.


Houses are not haunted. We are haunted, and regardless of the architecture with which we surround ourselves, our ghosts stay with us until we ourselves are ghosts.


Six billion of us walking the planet, six billion smaller worlds on the bigger one. Shoe salesmen and short-order cooks who look boring from the outside - some have weirder lives than you. Six billion stories, every one an epic, full of tragedy and triumph, good and evil, despair and hope. You and me - we aren't so special, bro.


Always, the eye sees more than the mind can comprehend, and we go through life self-blinded to much that lies before us. We want a simple world, but we live in a magnificently complex one, and rather than open ourselves to it, we perceive the world through filters that make it less daunting.


less real than such threats as a man with a gun, a woman with a knife, or a U.

S. Senator with an idea.


All human lives are so profoundly and intricately entwined-those dead, those living, those generations yet to come-that the fate of all is the fate of each, and the hope of humanity rests in every heart and in every pair of hands.


His blue eyes were seas where sorrow sailed.


I don't mean to imply that I'm afraid of Death. I'm just not ready to go out on a date with him.