I live right in front of my daughter. I have a little house right in front of her because I can stay in touch. It's like a little commune, and it's very nice, because you can be close. I can see my granddaughter. I live very close to my brother, too, and my son. We're a very close family.

— Debbie Reynolds

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Singin' in the Rain (1952) and childbirth were the two hardest things I ever had to do in my life.


I think you should control yourself a little bit, so you can walk, and when you die, you can walk to your own funeral.


I never dreamt of being in the movies.

I was from a very average, I would say, a rather poor family, so my big treat was to work hard all week - I mowed lawns and babysat and washed dishes and washed cars - to go to the movies.


I wanted to get that sense of peace and even boredom that comes with long familiarity.


I would never stop watching film. The reason why I say I like the old ones is I like the subject matter better. I thought they had more variety to them, they had more romantic comedies and things that appealed to me more.


That's what a writer does; they make things up and that makes for good reading.


I stopped making movies because I don't like taking my clothes off.

Maybe it's realism, but in my opinion, it's utter filth.


I feel sorry for the young people today.

I think there's too much paparazzi and not enough protection.


I do an act, and I've been doing an act for 50 years.

I do a variety show, which is a musical comedy show. I do comedy, and I do singing, Broadway show tunes and different songs that I like. Been doing it for many, many years.


I do a lot of things wrong. I lose my temper, and I hate waiting in line, but do I take drugs? No.


I'm not a big shoot-em-up, bang-bang. I like romantic films.


If you do a musical, it's really thrilling and it's a lot of work, but it's very rewarding. I would say, for me, what I like best is what I do, which is, I call it vaudeville, I call it live, I call it in concert, I call it what Bette Midler does, and what Garland did for years, and Ethel Merman.


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Marilyn Monroe was a very sweet girl, she was a very innocent girl.


I just think there's more paparazzi, there's more cable TV, there's millions of networks now, there's more paparazzi. People liked gossip then, and they like gossip now.


I have over five thousand costumes and props and cars, and I have a twenty-five thousand square foot warehouse full of memorabilia.


I think people want to stay home and run movies with their whole family at home.

It become a family hobby instead of going out to the theater, sad to say. But I think it's very good because it reaches millions that would never see these movies.


When I was doing theater in the 1950's, 60's and 70's we weren't allowed to film any of the shows that I did, it was against union rules. It was a stupid law, because so much is lost. We now have no record of these famous stage plays, so it turned out to be very narrow-minded thinking.


Gene Kelly was a great dancer and I was lucky to be in 'Singin' in the Rain.

' He was my teacher when I was 17 years old, when he was 37 years old. He taught me everything.


I'm just a movie fan. I used to go to the movies just to watch movies.


I loved working with Bette Davis. Bette Davis was great to work with and a wonderful teacher, and very kind to me. We became good friends.


One take, so you better be ready and you better be good.

One take and that was it. It was something that was spontaneous. Both Sid Caesar and Jackie Gleason was like that as well.


I lead such a boring life.


Donald O'Connor was in the film [ 'Singin' in the Rain' ] as well, and he was only 27 years old. So we were closer in age, and had more fun together on the set. Gene was more my teacher and mentor.


We now have no record of these famous stage plays, so it turned out to be very narrow-minded thinking.


Every performer should learn a little bit of everything. Most performers today only play the guitar.


Marilyn Monroe was taken advantage of by most of the men that knew her, including Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio, whom I also knew very well.


I never thought about doing men. Never.


Usually New York has lousy salads.


I also have a pair of ruby red slippers from the 'Wizard of Oz' and Dorothy's gingham dress...and on and on. I saved as much as I could and still do, because people are still interested in it.


Years ago nudity was not done in the United States.

But during that late 1950s era in Vegas it began at the Tropicana, and spread to the other venues. Now the showgirls are going away again and Cirque du Soleil, the magic acts and the animal acts reign in Las Vegas. But I don't think you'll completely lose the boobie shows.


I've always put my own money into my own shows because today, if you want to stay in the business, you have to produce your own product because there is not enough production and enough people that create today so if you wanna work you produce it or you stay home.


I'll be like Irving Berlin: "There's no business like show business."


Do I read her books? Of course.


If you're a dancer, study singing. You have to do everything and do it well. You have to study acting. You have to study all of it. You have to find workshops, get out on the stage...and fail.


Bobby [Fosse] was very difficult to work with, he wanted to be a big star at MGM, but it was the end of making musical movies at the time.


We've lost a lot of our great stars. I can't hang out with those who aren't here. The phone service to heaven is so bad, you know. But I get to visit with their memories.


I began as a true beginner, not knowing how to dance or perform.

I just entered a local contest in town as a joke, because if you entered you got a free blouse and scarf.


I don't think it's the fans, I think it's the fact that they get paid a lot of money for a picture of you doing something wrong. They don't seem to be interested in anything good any more.I think people appreciate what you do.


[Bob Fosse] was a temperamental fellow - it was his way or the highway.


I'm not a cook and I always stick everything in the freezer and then I leave things out, saying 'if it's good today it will be good tomorrow.'


I've always had my guard. I have my cook and my guard. I want to eat, and I want to live.


A lot of people don't feel like doing very much.

Or one project is really all they can do at one time. I can have five or six things going at the same time. It doesn't bother me or tire me, but sometimes it does rattle me.


I wanted to be as comfortable in that environment as she was.

I moved around those areas in character.


I always avoid not working.


I've always had life threats, and they've always been for real.


I miss the movies. Still, I understood that my kind of movie has had its day. I thought it was over for me.


I guess a lot of things happen still.


It's sad when you see someone do really well and then you just don't hear about them anymore.


Do I run around deploring the world? No. I'm just not into it. I was brought up that way.