It's okay to not be superwoman all the time.

— Demi Lovato

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Tall, thin, curvy, short – whatever you are, you are beautiful.


Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground

Demi Lovato quote Nothing is more beautiful than a smile t

Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears.


I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be.


Your mind . . . can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but it's your choice to make.


It's gonna be okay, no matter how hard your rock bottom is, you can rise above it and you can come back.


Go ahead and believe that no one shines brighter than you. Become amazing, and be happy.


I don't wanna be afraid, I wanna wake up feeling beautiful today, and know that I'm okay.


Your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are.


You don't have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful. It is possible to love your body the way it is.


When you start to beat yourself up, remind yourself of how worthy you are of love.


Don't judge me. You know my name, but not my story.


You know you've made it when you can dye your hair blue.


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When you do your best and live out your dreams, you inspire others to do the same.


No matter who you are, where you've come from, what you've been through.

.. You can make a difference in this world.


Be who you are and don't allow anyone to affect the confidence you have in your individuality.


Be certain that you're not modeling yourself after someone, but just being who you are meant to be. Go ahead, be weird because "normal" is boring!


Everyday is a new opportunity to change your life and be who you want to be.


Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.


Sometimes we're gonna have our bad days, but we must continue to work to be great. Keep smiling. It looks beautiful on you!!


We do the best we can in life, we take things one day at a time and sometimes we all just need a simple reminder of that.


Never call a girl fat, even if you're joking.


Skies are crying, I am watching, Catching teardrops in my hands.

Only silence, as it's ending, Like we never had a chance. Do you have to make me feel Like there's nothing left of me?


Do you have to make me feel like there's nothing left of me? You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am, like I am made of glass, like I am made of paper.Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground like a Skyscraper.


Stay strong, be brave, love hard and true, and you will have nothing to lose.


He's not your prince charming if he doesn't make sure you know that you're his princess.


As a kid I'd play with homemade recipes, like putting pineapple on my face to exfoliate my skin and doing facial steams with lavender or peppermint oils. I just loved doing stuff like that. It's what motivated me to launch my skin care line.


People say sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you, but that's not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were said to me that I still haven't forgotten.


When you treat your body like a Bentley, you value yourself and you start to look at your body differently.


I allowed social media to define what I thought of my body.

And now I realize that no matter how thin you are, someone will call you fat. No matter how beautiful you are, someone will call you ugly. But you can't spend your time worrying about that. You're just not going to please the world.


Love yourself for who you are and just keep going.


If we could throw away the hate and make love last another day, don't give up just for today, life would be so simple


I can't set my hopes too high, 'Cause every hello ends with a goodbye.


The sky is the limit... for some people aim higher nothing is impossible.


You see, this heart, won't settle down;

just like a child, running, scared, from a clown. Demi Lovato


To me, I don't think it does anybody any good to just hide something or cover it up or lie or whatever. I think ... that's what being a role model is all about. It's not about being perfect. It's about speaking about your issues and inspiring others to get help.


I'm not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body.


I tried to conform to what everyone thinks is beautiful.

But my genetics gave me a curvy figure, and I've come to understand that in the Latina culture, that is beautiful.


[To her younger sister on using drugs:] If you do that stuff, you're dancing with the devil, because you never know when you're going to cross the line and not be able to get back.


There were times I felt so anxious, almost like I was crawling out of my skin, that if I didn't do something physical to match the way I felt inside, I would explode. I cut myself to take my mind off that. I just didn't care what happened. I had no fear.


As the smoke clears, I awaken, And untangle you from me.

Would it make you feel better To watch me, while I bleed? All my windows still are broken, But I'm standing on my feet.


Never be ashamed of your problems, your body, yourself. You are worth life.


Binge eating is another eating disorder that people really don't realize is a problem.


You’re the missing piece I need The song inside of me I need to find you I gotta find you


I want to live my life without filters.

I don't walk on egg shells. I say what I want and I'm a very free spirit.


No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.


Be proud of who you are.


Make a wish with all your heart and chase every dream you have.

Only you can reach your goals. No one else can achieve them for you


Exploring - that's what you have to do to find yourself sexually.

You always think you have it figured out, and then you get older and you realize you didn't.


I'm an American for marriage equality.

I believe that love comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. So whether you're LGBT or straight, your love is valid, beautiful, and an incredible gift.