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Much of the big media outlets in North America are owned by arms manufacturers, like Westinghouse, or G.E. [General Electric]. That's unacceptable. So we're not getting editorial policy, we're not getting a vision of truth. People just don't know what is going on anymore, and that's really dangerous stuff.

— Denis Halliday

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I support a very active programme on disarmament and arms control for Iraq, and of course every other country in the world... That does not require economic sanctions...I think we've got to take the risk and give up economic sanctions while hanging on to the disarmament programme and allow the Iraqis to get on with rebuilding their country.

Denis Halliday

We are in the process of destroying an entire society.

It is as simple and terrifying as that. It is illegal and immoral.

Denis Halliday

American foreign policy is not understood by the vast majority of American people. And that this is due to a media that in this country is suppressed by Washington and by the owners of this media, who often tend to be corporate entities close to the [White House] and very often are arms manufacturers with a vested interest in chaos [in] the Middle East. And as a result Americans do not actually get both sides of the story.

Denis Halliday