I remember the first Mortal Kombat, when that came out, that was the hardest game of all time. There would be lines at the arcade around the block, and I still love all of the Mortal Kombat games.

— Diego Corrales

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My dad just wanted me to find something to do to keep me out of trouble.

Boxing was the great escape.

Diego Corrales

I actually have the Arcade PC at home, and it has 5,500 games on it.

Everything from the old school, Galaga, Tron, Missile Command, anything you can think of, theyre all on there. I love the old school games.

Diego Corrales

As a person, the only people who matter are my kids and how they see me.

Diego Corrales

I played a lot of the original Fight Night.

I think the depiction of Trinidad in the game was awesome.

Diego Corrales

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