Keep going don't worry about results. If you love it why does it matter?

— Dom Kennedy

The most helpful Dom Kennedy quotes that will transform you to a better person

I can read your body language like a conversation


I grew up always admiring business owners.

I was always interested in knowing who pulled what strings. I've always been in love with the decision making process, not just the product.


My thing is when people say Dom Kennedy's music reminds them of L.

A., I wanna do that 100 percent because at the end of the day that's all I am.


Growing up, being a rapper wasn't my goal, but it became my destination.


I'm not really the give TVs or turkeys kind of guy.

I feel like we can do more good by inspiring people wholeheartedly and truthfully than we can just by giving them something because that creates a cycle of expecting you to give them something.


I'm not playing up to pretend, I don't live above my means.

In my song "96 Cris" I say, "...My bills too low for me to fall off." Honestly, if I never did anything again with music, because I put out my own music, I could pay my bills, forever. I can pay my mortgage off my old music. Of course, you probably wouldn't see me in my Lamborghini but, do you really need a Lambo? That's really what you have to ask yourself.


The past doesn't have anything to do with the future, only if you let it.


I can't compare my life growing up in Leimert Park to someone in Imperial Village Projects; we don't have the same options and I understand that. You do what you do based on survival and instincts. If I know something, I try to share it and give that opportunity and enlightenment to whomever I'm around, some people might not want to hear it but once you know something, you have the option to do better.


I didn't want my music to be confused - even though I was and had a lot of questions. I wanted my music to capture a period in my life where I was sure.


Having a son had an immediate impact on me, that's when I started taking my business, my time and having something to show for myself seriously. My time has to be compensated. People may call me materialistic or whatever but if I spend 20 hours away from my son, if I don't bring anything home, then what was I doing with my time? It's simple, it's my son and then everything else.


It's hard for me to feel bad for myself because I'm doing what I love to do. I'm in a good position.